the balloonHave you dreamed as a child to soar above the earth? Run up well, push off and fly … like a bird, a bird in the air, catch the wind, go into it and enjoy the flight, watching as you glide under the forests, fields and rivers?

Have you ever seen your hometown Kiev at the bird’s-eye view? This unique opportunity is provided for guests of Kiev and residents of the Ukrainian capital.

Here you can make a flight at the balloon. Come to Kiev to one of its most beautiful places – the water park. Here is a special take-off site from which you can start either early morning or at dusk.

The most scenic routes for you will be picked. During the flight it is possible to touch the sword of The Motherland, go down to the Dnieper water, to see on a palm the whole Kiev.

Landing is possible to make in an open-air historical museum Pirogovo or where the Desna flows into the Dnieper behind the housing district Troyeshchyna.
The flight duration.

Your flight will last, certainly not 80 days, but only an hour, but your stay with the team of aeronauts will last for five hours. Regardless of wind direction and speed, even of the adjusted route you get a good adrenaline and unforgettable memories of his adventures.

Thanks to a team of professionals in charge of your flight, travelling by air you will be comfortable and safe.


About the desire to fly you will have to inform in advance about two weeks. It will cost five thousand hryvnias per person.

Flying over Kiev, you can see its outskirts. 30 km from the capital, along Zhytomyr’s highway, Makarov is located – the district centre, the famous aeronautic town, very picturesque place, especially when looking at it from a height.

Balloonists love it, and fliers have flied over it for a long time. They have carefully studied all suitable for landing and take-off places and the most scenic routes for excursions in the air.

How would your ball go by the wind, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a picture opening in front of you – these are forest living creatures, and water surface of lakes, roof houses, which are well seen only from above, as from all other sides they are carefully camouflaged by forest and high fences.

This area is just great for flying, and because of this, its name got Ukraine’s first balloon, which is proudly called “Makarov”. It has an original envelope, gondola, comfortable and completely reliable for usage as all the balls are produced in Czech Republic.

The ball belongs to the deluxe class; it is able to accommodate to 6 people. And it will afford to enjoy the time spent flying over its terrestrial namesakes – countryside and urban areas.

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