Every city or a country has its own branded special dainty that might be tried only there. In Czech Republic – it is Liege waffles, in Hungary – marzipan, in Italy- there are many kinds of the most delicious ice-cream, and this list may be continued for a long time.

In this article we’ll observe the main popular Kiev’s sweets, that are very loved by inhabitants and that have to be tried by the guests of our beautiful capital.

Kiev’s cake

In December, 2011 was celebrated the 55 years anniversary of Kiev’s cake birthday, that became a visit card of our capital and a popular fairing of all ages. According to the legend, the Kiev’s cake recipe appeared spontaneously in Kiev’s Confectionary plant of Karl Marx. A large batch of egg white was due to expire shelf life, and a chief of the plant proposed to cook of them a new cake.

The Kiev cake recipe is constantly being improved, and of course there were changes. In the beginning the Kiev cake was stuffed with cedar nuts, and according to modern recipe – with hazelnut. Cakes are cooked by a technology of 1956 – and still are crispy and luscious. Its technology is still kept in secret.

Where to get them: the most fresh Kiev’s cakes you may get in “Roshen” stores.

Kiev, Prospect Nauki, 42/1 korp.1 (see on the map)
ul. Verhniy Val, 16/4 (see on the map)
ul. Starovokzalnaya, 21 (see on the map)
or in the super markets of Kiev

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Chocolates “Vecherniy Kiev” (“Kiev in the night”)

vecherniy_kievChocolates “Kiev in the night” are the most popular sweets during the last 27 years exported from our country. In 1984 the confectionery plant of Karl Marx established a new German Production line, and in a connection with this event was developed a new recipe of chocolates which became very popular not only in Kiev, but outside of Ukraine as well. Ingredients for these sweets are natural cocoa-foods (1000030 % of its main mass) cocoa mass, cocoa-butter, butterfat, fat-free powdered milk, cognac, powdered sugar, and finally hazelnut.

During 30 years the recipe of these sweets stays unchangeable. The sweets have a domed shape with a hole hazelnut in the top. A praline filling has copped hazelnut kernels as well.
About 8 tones of sweets are producing in the confectionery plant every day, that indicates their high popularity among consumers.

Where to get: in the “Roshen” stores or supermarkets of the city.

zavarnoe_1Custard cakes with chocolate filling

Most of generations are familiar with its taste from a childhood. Those cakes have original elongated shape with butter – white cream inside and covered with chocolate fondant in the top. Today in the confectionery departments you can get custard cakes with filling of condensed milk or coffee filings … but it can’t be compared to cakes with original butter cream filling.

Where to get: we recommend the custard cakes of Kiev bakery- confectionery factory. You can buy them in department stores or in special confectionery stores. It sold in boxes of six pieces or three. Sometimes you can buy it individually.

sonechkoThe cupcake “Sonechko”

In our rating we could not forget to mention about the cupcake (muffin) “Sonechko”. This muffin always was filled with a lot of raisins. The food preferences have changed significantly, but it still very delicious now, as during the bright early days.

Where to buy: In city supermarkets or special confectionery stores. You can get as small ones, as big ones for the friendly company.


The nostalgic ice-cream “Kashtan”( “Chestnut”) that before used to cost 28 Ukrainian cents, will remain forever in the memories of sweet tooth. White cream covered with a black flavored crunchy chocolate… cardboard boxes which were cooled with large chunks of ice.

Today under this brand are soled a lot of ice-cream of different producers, but it seems to us that none of them could keep the former taste of it. We offer you to make tasting and to choose the most delicious. Also we recommend to try a soft ice-cream by weight in a cone, which you can get in the “Lakomka” kiosks in the Kreshchatik street.

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