One of the largest planetariums in the former CIS countries is the planetarium of “Knowledge” society that was founded in 1952 by renowned astronomer Sergei Konstantinovich Vsekhsvyatsky.

The dome of the planetarium is 11.5 m. height and has a diameter of 23 m. It seats 320 spectators. The main instrument – “Planetarium” is situated at the centre of the hall. According to the tradition that is relevant all over the world, the room takes its name after the apparatus that is set in the centre.
Furthermore, the Star room is equipped with auxiliary projectors that help to conduct the program more effectively. In order to go along with the development of technology, equipment is constantly upgraded and updated.

Here the educational lectures and artistic programs as the kaleidoscope of planetary meetings are hold, which help students to learn geography, astronomy and natural history.

The planetarium helps to explain the laws of nature more clearly and to feel with all your senses what books, television and the school are not able to give. The school teachers order lectures for the groups of pupils. On weekends adults and children are eager to see the star fantasy show.

The additional information:
The address: Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska str. 57/3
Tel: (044) 287 75 08
Working hours: Sat.,Sun. – 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 16:00, Sat. !8:00

How to get there:
The subway station “Respublicansky stadion” – cross the street.