Our capital has not escaped the common lot of “skyscrapers-mania”.More and more people want to live and work in Kyiv and, consequently, it is less and less spare place for building. CultKiev has learned the information how and where the developers plan to construct the giant buildings.

About the meaning and origin of the word skyscraper:
“Skyscraper” is a word of English origin, which primordially meant the highest sail on the ship. Today the skyscraper is a multistory high-rise building designed to accommodate residential and non residential apartments at the height of 100 meters or more than 20 floors (in Europe and America this figure is 50 meters bigger). And those high-rises that are more than 300 meters in height are considered to be an extremely high building, that is a skyscraper.

Due to the origin and meaning of the word “skyscraper”, the first high-rise buildings were called “The Sail”, one of which is in Kyiv.

It is considered that the USA became the motherland of skyscrapers. The building of high-rise houses began in 80-s years of 19th century, after the invention of metal skeleton of structures and elevators.
The crucial need of additional building space in large megalopolises, that became dramatically congested, gave impetus to the idea of skyscraper creation.

The first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885 for insurance company, it was called Home Insurance Building. William Le Baron Jenny was its architect and the first person who offered the framed construction of exterior walls. Initially, it was 42 meters high (1000010 floors) and later two more floors have been added which increased the height of this “goon” by 12,9 m. That house “survived” till 1931 year. One more candidate for the status of the first skyscraper is Wainwright Tower that was constructed in 1891 in St. Louis. The 11-storey building was projected by an architect Louis Sullivan.

One of the oldest and most famous skyscrapers became New York’s Chrysler Building, built in 1930 and the 102-storey Empire State Building, which was constructed in 1930-1931. Chrysler Building is one of the “visiting cards” of the megalopolis.

The building of skyscrapers continued to accelerate and to conquer the world. Since the beginning of 2007 more than a thousand skyscrapers have been erected in the world and among them about 40 – extremely high.

Today, the tallest building in the world is Dubai tower, the height of which the sidewalk and up to the top of the spire is 828 meters.

It is worth noting that it is planned to erect two high-rise buildings up to 4000 meters. If the project is implemented, then these “giants” would be Nikitin-Travush tower and X-Seed 4000.

“High-rise Kyiv”: what has already been built and what is still in plans.
It is recognized that the first high-rise building of Kyiv is the Great Lavra Bell Tower, its height is almost 97 meters and this is a modern 32-storey house.

The construction of the first real skyscraper began with the Soviets. One of the most famous buildings in Kyiv of that epoch is the building of the Ministry of Transport.

At this point the following skyscrapers have been built in Kyiv: two houses on Poznyaky and Osokorki (the highest is 108 meters), its address: Boulevard Druzhby Narodiv, the 34 floors. Also it is scheduled to be completed six high-rises at Troyeschina and two 33-storey residential buildings that will stand at the intersection of the Sportyvna Square(Sports Square), Boulevard L. Ukrainky and Mechnikov street. All the objects, building of which is legalized are experimental and subject to supervising. All buildings have an individual plan with technical peculiarities and demands to construction. In addition, the house down the Grigorenko street (Poznyaki) has an autonomous three-phase power supply system and ensures the good working order of service lines.

The experts claim that the construction of skyscrapers in Kyiv is in “incipient ” stage as there is a lack of the legal and documentary framework that would regulate this process and provide security. Another “stumbling block” is guaranteeing the fire safety, as well as garbage disposal and service lines. But there is a great need for such type of buildings.

Thus, the document “The concept of placing high-rise buildings and structures in Kyiv 2020” was developed, which determines that the construction of houses will be held at such areas: “Crown of the City”, “Kyiv City”, “Gates”, “Kyiv beads” and major high-rise buildings.

The “Crown of the City” is a name of skyscraper that will be built in the center of Kyiv. The 40-70 floor buildings will create a distinctive “crown” around the ancient Kiy city. The “Kyiv beads” will be formed by buildings in the Lybidska Square, Protasov Yar, Sevastopolska Square, Shulyavka, Dorogozhychi, Livoberezhna, Telychky, Poznyaky, Osokorky, Petrivka and Rybalsky Peninsula.

The “Gate of Kyiv” will unite the hotel, business and entertainment complexes which are situated directly at the entrance to the capital city (Odessa, Zhitomir, Brovarsky Avenue, Kharkivska Square, Korchevate and Bogatyrsky Avenues). The “Kyiv City” will represent a complex of 58-65-floor six buildings, which will be erected on Rybalsky Peninsula. The major high-rise buildings will be located in different parts of the capital, which will be the creative urge that will for its turn give a new impetus to monotonous areas.

The following skyscrapers are placed in operation in Kyiv today:
The business – center “Parus”
The Ministry of Transport of Ukraine
The trade and office center with a residential home “Olympic”
The Alexandrivska Slobodka
The Court of Appeal on Solomenska Square
The dwelling houses-skyscrapers
The telecentre
The building of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine

The buildings that are in project:
Mirax Plaza at the Glubochitska street, 43
The “Candle” at the European Square
The highest for Kyiv skyscraper, which height will be 162 meters will be in Pechersk district
The trade and office center “Esplanada” Bessarabka
The 40-floor hotel 120 m heigh at the European Square
Sky Towers
Podol Business Park
The skyscraper “Pysanka”
A new business center “Kyiv City” is a so-called “Kyiv Manhattan” on Rybalsky Island
The skyscraper height of about 210 m