ATVKiev, as the capital of Ukraine, offers residents and visitors entertainment for every taste: to fans of quiet rest, perhaps to visit the sights, watch the city architecture, or go to the theatre or opera, for lovers of active recreation, there is also a lot of interesting things. One of the last “active” entertainments in Kiev is riding a quad bike.

About the meaning of words and concepts “quad bike”:
The word “Quad bike” includes the word “quad”, which is sometimes replaced by the ATV.

Abbreviation ATV is a contraction of the first letters of the phrase «All Terrain Vehicle», which is literally translated into our language means “a vehicle for driving in places where there is no road (an off road).” In Ukraine, an abbreviation ATV can be replaced with the following words: ATVs, four wheel machine and quad bike.

In order to explain the man who does not know what the ATV is, it can be compared with four-wheel motorcycle. It is easily enough (well, certainly better than a motorcycle) to manage such transport device and the feeling of riding is like on a water bike. ATV is a universal solution for the rider. It combines speed, security, flexibility and novelty of sensations, and if the path goes along the interesting and beautiful places, then this ride will gift a lot of fun.

Those who have already tried riding a quad bike through the scenic Kiev recommend visiting Lysa Gora. Ascent on this mountain is considered to be of moderate complexity, so even for beginners it will not be difficult. This place has long been associated with the places where all the evil spirits gather. In the late 19th century a decision was made about the necessity of building a fort on the same name mountain. After completion of construction underground shelters and cellars were located here, where weapons were stored in case the native city needed defence. And in the early 20th century, Lysogirskyi fort served as the place for prisoners and their execution.

ATV tour on Bald Mountain will be fun; you can ride on a large deserted place, stop at the lookout with a panoramic view of Kiev, and explore the open areas of the tunnels and the territory of the fort. Such a program would take more than 2 hours.

Also today, the so-called quest for ATVs became popular. Quest on ATV is a sport racing with the performance on intellectual tasks and solving of puzzles. Quests have become very popular among the younger generation, but also attract the attention of people of all ages and social statuses.

A definite plus in the quest is that that this is a team game, and thus brings people together. Since the play is at the time and the winner is the one who quickly unravel the mysteries and find the necessary objects, the quest for ATV will add even more speed, a charge of vivacity and positive emotions.

One word – if you want to get extreme and adrenaline in the blood – go ahead and drive ATVs!

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