A small country Lithuania is considered to be the Mecca of beer drinkers of the whole Baltic Sea region and the Kingdom of refreshing foamy beverage. Lithuania is a center of the production of many beer varieties.

The most special among all kinds are four sorts of beer: “Shvitarius” brewed in Klaipeda since 1784, lager light beer “Utyanos” produced in the north-eastern region of the country, where it has great popularity, and “Kalnapilis” and “Ragutis” beers that are bottled in the central part of the country.

Until today in Lithuania there are very strong traditions of home brewing. In fact in Lithuania as much beer as breweries in a country – that is, a great many. Among Lithuanian Brewers has long been revered custom, according to which brewers borrow east from each other. However, the most recognized and revered brewers do not do that. They keep used yeast until next brewing, and washed and ventilated barrels are not subject to borrowing.

Today Lithuania is experiencing a real beer boom. Citizens can’t imagine any event without intoxicating drink. People that like more strong alcohol drinks can take with skepticism the idea of drinking on holidays beer only. Especially for them Lithuanian brewers brew a strong beer. Home-brewed beer is popular even today. It soled in the shops in the original big bottles.

Till these days the Lithuanian brewers collection has hundreds kinds of recipes and secrets of home-brewed beer. For brewing a home-brewed beer are involved as separate brew-masters as well as small beer factories.

The capital of Lithuanian – is a dream for any beer drinker. The historical part of the city densely built up with pretty stone houses, where are situated many pubs. In Vilnius’s Pubs will be proposed to you lager and dark beer, light and hopped, bottled and canned, from barrel and just brewed yet, with rich caramel flavor and a pleasant barley and malt aftertaste. Also needs to be mentioned an original beer snack – it is a famous Lithuanian cheese and roasted brown bread with garlic.

We would recommend to all the guests of Lithuania to visit historical part in Vilnius and to experience an atmosphere of the medieval city as for a taste. Lithuanian Gothic architecture, small winding streets with a pleasant aroma of fresh beer will leave nice sweet memories about this small Baltic country for you.

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