It was erected in 1965 during the construction of the subway. Due to it the transport connection between Pechersk and the Left bank residential district appeared.

Along with the bridge the underground stations “Levoberezhnaya” and “Hydro Park” were built. Metro Bridge is a logical extension of Brovarskiy avenue and along with Rusanovsky bridge connects the right-bank part of Kiev with the Left bank district, Rusanovka, Lesnoy district , Voskresenka and Hydro Park.

It is considered to be one of the most durable and reliable bridges in Kiev. Arch-cantilever reinforced concrete structure 700 m long provides motion for subway trains and vehicles due to two tiers – the top and bottom. This bridge is the world’s first bridge considering the largest span – 60 m and has a long history.

The very first solid bridge in Kiev became the Nicholas Chain Bridge built in 1853. In 1920, the White Guardists exploded one of the bridge’s interstices. Because of the chain design it drew other ones. The bridge was partially rebuilt by Eugen Paton, but during the Great Patriotic War, was destroyed.

During the elaboration of a new original project architects and engineers were set a condition – the cost increase of whole work must have been minimal. This explains the present-day awkward entrance to the bridge and narrow bands.

On November 5, 1965 motion through the bridge was opened. For thirty years the bridge has not been repaired. Only in the 90’s the roadway was partially reconstructed. A year ago, the large-sized trucks were banned from entering the bridge.

The planned capacity of the bridge is low – 20-25 thousand cars per day. In fact, the bridge passes through itself to 43 thousand cars per day.

Metro Bridge

Metro Bridge

Just below the subway gauges there is a path along which volunteers can stroll over the Dnieper from the subway “Dnieper” and to the left bank toward Hydro park.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Brovarsky Avenue (Dnieper underground station)
The location of the bridge:
on the Dnieper
Construction starting date: 1965
Opening Date: November 5, 1965
Length: 700 m
28 m

Getting there:
From the left bank along the Brovarskiy Avenue toward Dnieper underground station
From the city centre to go along the waterfront road, or through the Park alley.