This Metro museum has exist since 2000. It is located at the second floor of the Metro administration building and has three exposition halls. Here you may see colorful pictures of all the metro stations in their chronological order according to years of their opening. The funds of the museum that regularly fulfilled have more than 2,5 thousands exhibits.

Макет станции метро "Днепр"
The first hall’s theme is a metro building and metro lines openings: here are proposed to your view unique documents and pictures of the first years, some personal things of metro staff workers, flags and medals, many interesting relics. Also here is a Dnipro metro station layout epoch of 60, where is demonstrated unusual sight – the process of lifting cars on overpass.

The second hall has information stands about metro workers that left their trace in the history of the metro creation and those who still works. Here you may get acquainted with the work of various subway departments, with models of cars, parts of the equipment, machinist’s keys of the train.

The eyes diverge of the plenty of types of travel documents, not only Kiev’s, but also foreign – starting from the very first tickets, tokens and finishing with monthly cardboard passes, magnetic and electronic. The greatest value in this hall – showcase, where are symbolic keys and invitations to the opening of stations. Namely the Kiev collection is the largest in the CIS!

Первые часы в метрополитене

Первые часы в метрополитене

And the main exhibit of the third hall – it is a central station watch that synchronize the time and intervals of the rides. From stands you may get an information of the militarized security service, Information and Computing Center, planning and design engineering bureau of the subway.

Metro museum stuff thanks all the people that have share their materials and things for a museum.

Additional information:
Address: Kiev, prospect Pobyedi,35 (Metro Polytechnic Institute)
Working hours: Mn,Wed – 15-17; Thu – 09-12
The price: free