An unusual museum opened in Kiev recently, where visitors are permitted to touch exhibits and check how do they work, to held different experiments. During the first month after opening, this museum had visited many people.

By experimental method you can found more and recall laws of physics in this interesting museum. Here you can use instruments invented long time ago: Pendulums of Maxwell, Newton, room of six mirrors which was once invented by Leonardo da Vinci where you can feel yourself a wizard and to see the infinite number of your own reflections. Among a large number of exhibits there is also a device “Teremin VOKS”- first electro- music instrument created by Russian scientist Lev Termen in 1919 as an alarm system in storages of Kremlin. The principle of work lies in the reaction to man’s presence in the electromagnetic field.

Spending time in this museum will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children.
The fundamental laws of physics will be demonstrated to young visitors in a fascinating form, that in the opinion of teachers help to learn better a theoretical material and to generate interest to their studies. So, the hands-on labs at the museum become a common thing.

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The exhibits for a museum are made not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Therefore, in contrast to foreign museums of physics, Kiev’s museum is not state organization, but private.
Museum is located on: Urlovskaya, st.,11

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