In the capital of Ukraine there is one single place where the newlyweds according to tradition necessarily come to during wedding celebrations. It is Navodnitsky park. Why is it so popular? The answer is very simple. This park combines the beauty of greenery, a symbol of Kyiv, as well as an unforgettable panoramic view of the Dnipro river and the island in the middle of it. It is the monument of boat with the founders of Kyiv and Kyivan Rus that attracts the newlyweds.
There is a belief that if the bride and groom turn back to the monument and throw the bouquet and it get to the boat , the young couple will live a peacefull and prosperous life. Kyivans and guests of capital, who want to visit the most outstanding monuments are fond of taking a walk here.

A beautiful Navodnitskiy Park is situated along the Dnipro coastline, it is parallel the Naberezhnoe hightway, from “Dnipro” subway station to the Paton’s bridge. It’s total area is 11,2 km, its upper terrace is set at a height of 105 meters above the level of the Dnipro. The park itself is the result of the planned project. At the center of the park there is a circular playground on the midst of which is a monument “The Boat with the founders of Kiev”. At its foot there is a semicircular tiled pool with fountains. The beautiful pyramidal shape poplars and luxuriant pine trees are planted about the “round hall”.

panoramic view on Navodnitskiy Park

In the 70th year it was called Primakov’s park in honor of V.M. Primakov, who was deputy commander of the Leningrad district and a member of the Military Council of the Defense Committee of the Soviet Union. The bust-monument, cast in bronze and installed on a pedestal of granite was placed in this park. And the famous sculpture of a beautiful bronze boat with the founders of the capital was established in 1982 as one of the projects which was timed to celebrate the 1500 anniversary of the founding of the great Ukrainian capital.

In 2007 the cross to commemorate the St.Volodymyr Cathedral construction was installed at the park’s territory.

Today the park presents a landscape architecture. It is supported by Shevchenko and Podolsk district budget, thanks to that it was recently renovated and equipped, and a monument to a boat was restored after the recent splitting off its parts.

panoramic veiw on the Boat with founders of Kyiv

Boats project was designed back in the 70’s of last century in the context of celebration a half millennium of the founding of “The mother of Russian cities”. Basil Boroday, a sculptor, was its author. He presented a small model of the future symbol of Kyiv to Brezhnev and B. Shcherbitsky. Since the head of the USSR was greatly impressed by the model, a decree on the construction of boat was signed. Initially, the sculpture was to be installed on the Moscow bridge, but then the descidion was made to install it in another place where the landscape was more beautiful and the location safer.

Consequently, on 22 May 1982 the grand opening of “Floating Boat” with the founders of Kyiv took place on the river bank.

The sculpture itself is a bronze boat placed on a pedestal simulating wave, there stand three brothers – Kyi, Schek, Horyv and their sister Lybid. Around the monument a semi-circular pool with fountains was designed.

According to the records which date back 4-5 century BC, Kyiv was founded in honor of older brother on a modern mountain Kyevitsa, two other brothers established settlements in the mountains that got their names – Horevytsa and Schekavitsa, later they were united in great capital Kyiv. The scientists still dout the existance of three brothers and a sister Lybid, but they definitely agree on one thing – Kyi was a real person and a prince of Kyiv.


the Tree of happieness

The tree is a symbol of the earth,water and sky unity as well as of evolving life. Many peoples of the world have used the tree as the symbol of the feminine, security, home and fertility. In some religions the tree is a source of immortality, a person who ate its fruit could become immortal. In Christianity the tree bears bright and dark side, for example, the resurrection of Jesus by crucifixion.

Besides the Boat to founders of Kyiv the Tree of Hapiness appeared in this park.

The tree of happiness, as it is called, is made of wrought iron. It is a beautiful small tree with branches full of leaves and apples. Following the belief, the couple must tie a ribbon on its branch as a sign of long-lasting unity of fate, to touch a leaf for a happy family life, and touch the fruit to make their children happy and healthy.
If the couple wants to perpetuate the memory of the wedding day, they can order a special plate with the date of marriage and their names to be placed in the Novodnitskiy Park, along one of the park’s walkway which is called “The Avenue of the Newlyweds”. The price of manufacture and installation is set by “Kyivzelenstroy” and is equal to 500 UAH.

Recently, on 23 February 2010, a part of the monument was broken for unknown reasons . The measure gave an order to work on the restoration of the monument and restore its original appearance as soon as possible. And on 28 May 2010, on the Day of the capital the measure opened the restored monument. For its restoration has been spent about 4 mln.

The internal filling was completely replaced and external coating was improved. The monument was polished and treated with anti-corrosion solutions, so the Boat is ready for the traditional laying of flowers by the newlyweds and also to entertain Kyivans and guests.

How to get there:
1 – from Kontraktova subway station bus № 51 towards the bridge Paton, the stop is called “Park Vidpochynky”.
2 – drive along the boulevard Dryzhby Narodiv to the Paton bridge, turn to Naberezhnoe highway.
3 – any transport (the right bank of Kyiv) to the Paton bridge and then walk.
4 – tram from Rechnoy tram to the Paton bridge.
5 – from Poshtova Ploshcha by the river tram to stop “Navodnitsky Park” – only in summer.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Naberezhnoe highway