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ГлавнаяНовости @en → Dwelling houses-skyscrapers

Dwelling houses-skyscrapers

There are several luxury residential skyscrapers in Kyiv.

The dwelling house on the Knyazhy zaton street , 9
The tallest skyscraper in Ukraine has been built for three years. The construction of a large cumbersome object of 36 floors in the center and 24 on the sides was implemented by 50 building companies. 200 million UAN was spent for its construction. The house is equipped with five underground parking and a helipad on the roof. For house building the monolithic-frame technology was chosen. All the windows are metal-plastic and loggias are glazed. It is supposed that the house would have some objects of social purpose. The roof is decorated with a lighthouse that resembles the crown.

The additional information:
The address: Knyazhy Zaton, 9
The observation deck: No

How to get there:
By subway, “Poznyaki” station drive along the Grigorenko avenue and turn to Knyazhy Zaton.
By subway, “Osokorki” station drive along the Dnieper embankment and turn on the Knyazhy Zaton

The dwelling house on the Sribnokilska, 1 street
The residential complex of 115 meters in height and has 36 floors. From the windows of the luxury buildings there is a great view of the area.

The additional information:
The address: Str. Sribnokilska, building 1
The observation deck: No

How to get there:
From “Osokorki”subway station go for 5-7 minutes

5 - ЖИЛОЙ ДОМ НА ГРИГОРЕНКОThe apartment house at Grigorenko Avenue, 7a
The house is considered to be the first skyscraper in Kyiv, which was constructed according to the international standards. The technology that was chosen for its building was approved by the world’s authorities in high-rise construction. 34 floors of the house are 100 meters high. And though Kyiv boasts more tall office buildings, there is no analogues of such dwelling houses.

Earlier it has not been allowed to build houses higher than 25 floors in our country. Therefore, the first signs of attempts in high-rise building. The flat buyers are involved in the experiment that seems to be quite successfull as all apartments have been sold long ago. The flats in this new building have mainly 5 rooms. The house has three sections of the underground parking. The roof is equipped with a helipad. The maintenance of building has been recently started, so the experts still supervise it..

The additional information:
The address: Kyiv, Grigorenko Avenue, 7a
The observation deck: No

How to get there:
By subway, from “Poznyaki” station go or drive to the intersection of Grigorenko Avenue and Akhmatova street.

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