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ГлавнаяНовости @en → Kiev restaurants with national Ukrainian cuisine

Kiev restaurants with national Ukrainian cuisine

A modern cuisine is able to satisfy any tastes of most discerning gourmets. There many dishes of different nations of the world are provided in Kiev’s restaurants such as Italy,Japan,Armeniya, Georgiya, India, Greece, Spain and many others. But sometimes there is an incredible desire to taste a dish cooked in old national Ukrainian traditions

We have been written about restaurants with a views of Kiev side, but this article will
tell you more about national Ukrainian restaurants located down town and in the suburb of the city. This is will be an extension of our cycle of views.


Kiev,Parkovaya doroga st,4
tel: (044) 253-17-24

The history of this restaurant complex is more then forty years old. On the menu are represented traditional Ukranian dishes cooked by ancient recipes and European dishes as well. The national spirit of the place, convenient location at Dneper river hills far enough from city fuss, fresh air make a lovely atmosphere for nice and pleasant rest.

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This complex is divided for several parts: a three floored mansion,log cabins, it”s territory also has barbecue facilities and a play yard for children to play which are available during summer time. There is a winter-hall at the second floor of the main building,Vip-zone at the third and a terrace.

“Kureni” it is not simply a restaurant but also a historical place. There is a children club where children could be not boring, and parents could relax.

Foto-2_full Foto-3_full

“Pans’ka vtiha” restaurant

Location: Kiev, Raisi Akipinoi st,3
tel: (044) 507-17-17

The interior of the restaurant is made on the style of !8-th century,decoration is recreated by current designers. Restaurant has 4 parlors: Ukrainian parlor, Hunter”s parlor, Fisherman parlor and Komora. Ukrainian parlor is the most roomy, it’s windows decorated with national Ukrainian drapery.there are handmade carpets on the walls,under the ceiling chandeliers with candles. There is even a big hand-painted kiln. The Hunter’s parlor’s interior designed with appropriate style: there are a weapon on the walls, maps and certificates. When it is cold time of the year people can get warm near fire place.

The restaurant has it’s own secrets as well. Be sure to visit Guest rooms and you will be nicely surprised. If you visit restaurant with children- animators will propose an interesting programs for kids and distribute small gifts for them.

The restaurant’s menu is represented huge range of Ukrainian dishes such as vareniki staffed with meet, cabbage,potato,cream cheese, fruits, mushrooms…and krucheniki, homemade sausage,chops,fresh-soup,stewed rabbit,and of course Ukrainian borshch with pampushki with a garlic souse and a lot of others national dishes.

And in the evenings a restaurant fills up with a live music.

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“Duhmyana pich”

Location: Kievskaya region,Novoobuhohovskaya rd 4km,Lesniki village

Tel:(044)406-36-73; (044)228-88-89; (067) 547-22-16

Restaurant-museum “Duhmyana Pich” is situated out side of Kiev in Novoobuhovskaya Road 4-th km. Restaurant has 6 parlors. In summer time visitors may settle down in arbors. Each parlor has individual decorating in the national Ukrainian style of XVIII-XIX century and has working hand-painted kin. There is also a play yard for kids at the restaurant’s territory. Cooks would be glad to cook traditional Ukrainian dishes which they cook in hand-painted kin. From Wednesday to Sunday there folklore band plays a live music.

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“Chumatskiy Shlyah”

Location:Kievskaya region, Obuhovskiy district, Romankov village, Sosnovaya st,10(27-th km road Kiev-Lugansk)
tel:(044)561-45-27; 451-58-44

The idea of the restaurant filled with the medieval Ukraine atmosphere, which is expressed in cooking, interior and architecture of this place. There are several parlors: het’manskiy parlor,selyanskiy parlor, a special parlor for children, hata-mazanka and arbors outside. Besides meals you can enjoy a horse riding and to visit sauna. Also it has a play-yard for the children which even has mini-zoo.
Getmanskij-zal_full 42425425

“Szarskoye Syelo”

Location: Lavrscaya st,22
tel:(044) 288-97-75

It situated downtown in the historical part of Kiev near Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. This restaurant made in Classic Ukrainian traditions. There is a big assortment of traditional Ukrainian dishes and drinks which are prepared by old-time recipes. Historical names of the dishes used without changing. As an addition – nice Ukrainian ethno-music.
1 DSC_7770

Hotel-restarant Complex “Tripol’ye”

Location: 27-th km Novo-Obuhovskaya road

This complex is situated in the lovely picturesque place not far far from Kiev. It is not only place where you have nice meal,to relax with all your body and soul but also to get acquainted with the life history of Slavic nation.

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