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ГлавнаяНаучиться → Sports club “Factor”

Sports club “Factor”

Sports club “factor” Settled in building of one Kiev schools – school number 62, which is located in Darnitskiy district of the capital.

Here sports festivals for younger pupils in the form of competitions, relay races, team competitions under the guidance of experienced coaches are regularly held. In the active process all participants of the festival are involved, which takes a standard 1.5 hours.

In the “Factor” there are classes of acrobatic dance rock and roll, children are in the section already being 5 years old, where they can participate in the team competition in the category of Formation. A coach Tatyana Didenko Manages a Club.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, street Knyazhyi Zaton, 17-B.
Phone: 044 274 8289, 066 153 9878
Hours: clarify by phone
Price: to clarify
Age group: children aged 5 years

Getting there:
From the metro Osokorki “pass on the Dnieper embankment and turn onto street Knyazhyi Zaton
Any vehicle that runs on Avenue Bazhana and turn to the Dnipro river embankment.

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