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ГлавнаяСкоро будет в Киеве2011 → The Highest skyscraper in Kiev, its height will be 162 meters – in Pechersk

The Highest skyscraper in Kiev, its height will be 162 meters – in Pechersk

In the Pechersk district the Kiev’s highest skyscraper will soon be completed; its height will be 162 meters.

Until now, visually the tallest building in Kiev was considered to be a bell tower of Kiev Pechersk Lavra. With the appearing of a new skyscraper on Klovskii descent 7a the picture will change.

An Architect of the new building is Sergey Babushkin, who is also the father of the skyscraper on Grushevskogo Street and residential complex Diamond Hill 83 meters high.

The Construction is overseed by the building company “Zhytlobud”. It is located next to the office building “Pravex-bank” and the plant” Arsenal “. A new building has a very original look – the main building of the skyscraper is connected with the 16-storey residential building with an 8-storey junction.

The height of the object has already reached 143 meters, but before completion it will become even higher. The construction is scheduled to be completed by early 2011. In future, 5 lifts of the last modification will be put into operation in the building. The height of a skyscraper is maximal, only the planes fly higher. The roof of the building is equipped with a helipad.

According to the European standards, the skyscraper is the building above 150 meters, so this set will indeed be considered the first skyscraper in the Ukrainian capital.

Additional Information:
Date of alleged commissioning: early 2011
Number of floors: 42

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