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ГлавнаяСкоро будет в Киеве2011 → The office and shopping center “Esplanada”, Bessarabka district

The office and shopping center “Esplanada”, Bessarabka district

In the neighborhood of the skyscraper “Parus” the almost completed 143 m.heigh office and shopping center “Esplanada” has appeared.

The building is a little bit lower than cherished 150 m, which is a standard minimum height of a skyscraper in the United States and Europe.

While the population, authorities and architects discuss whether it is competent or not to construct the skyscrapers in the historical part of Kyiv, the second mega-building is being built on the Sportyvna Square.

The total area of multifunctional complex “Esplanada” will be 180 sq m. It is planned to organize the office and shopping block with 10 floors and 6 levels of superstructure with offices and 33-storey business center inside the complex.

The roof will be equipped with tennis courts that can be transformed into the soccer field; also there will be playgrounds, green areas and several cafés.

Moreover, there will be the shopping area, bowling with 24 tracks, boutiques , the fitness club with swimming pool and a cinema network “Multiplex” with 7 rooms, restaurants, supermarket and a children’s floor. The developer is a company “Three O”.

The date of commissioning is postponed once again to 2011. The “Esplanada” was to be completed a year ago, then it was planned to finish the construction this year.

As a matter of fact, this building on Sportuvna Square has not been completed for 7 years.

It is quite possible that commercial centre “Continental” (this is the another name which we can hear from time to time instead of “Esplanada”) will be put into operation in 2011, because the rates of construction are rapid.

The additional information:
The date of expected commissioning:
The number of floors: 33

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