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ГлавнаяСкоро будет в КиевеБудет → The skyscraper “Pysanka”

The skyscraper “Pysanka”

PysankaThe project group “Archimatika” (Kyiv) was inspired with the idea to build the high-rise office-building just in the heart of Dnipro.
Cyril Protsenko offered to design the building in the shape of Ukrainian traditional Easter egg that is called “Pysanka”. The project has a noble mission to become a symbol of a regenerated Ukraine : the architects believe that there is a great number of monuments of past epochs in Ukraine, but what it does lack is a structure-symbol of modern times.

According to the project, a painted egg should decorate the facade of 44-floor building – “pysanka”. It is created with a help of a huge light-emitting diode screen, which in its turn, is composed out of separate tiny screens. In such a way, the traceries of diminutive painted eggs compose a huge pattern of a gigantic egg. Now we can see, that the facade cover is expected to be interactive. It is also planned to place the offices in the building. The inside diameter of an egg should be more than 150 m.

This original brand-project is currently looking for investor, which would be interested to spend considerable sum of money.

The additional information:
The date of startup: is not known
The number of floors: 44

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