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Zoological Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in Kiev. It was founded in 1919. There are 4,000 species of animals, and 5000 of exhibits in total.

Very interesting for the visitors is a group of invertebrates. After it a collection of coral is located, which is surprising with its variety of forms and range of colors – white, blue, black and red.

Among lobsters crawfish, lobster and the giant Japanese crab attract the attention. In the family of arachnids the most ancient animal lives – a horseshoe crab, miraculously survived to our time. There you can admire the sea spiders that look similar with their terrestrial counterparts.

And a collection of insects has twice as many representatives than any other animal species. The highlight of this group is the giant beetles, and tropical butterflies.

Representatives of the families of the needle look like plants – these are sea cucumbers, lilies and stars. The entire right side of the gallery is given over to the Zoological Museum exhibit of fish and amphibians; stuffed sharks, sturgeon and fish of the month have become a focus of it.

Among amphibians the size of the Chinese giant salamander, 180 cm long and a tiny Cuban whistler less than 1 cm, which is under a magnifying glass affect greatly.

In reptiles a living fossil surprises – tuatara – a lizard with a third eye. The island on which it is preserved, has already been declared a nature reservation.

In the hall of bird the size of diorama of the bird market strikes.
The oldest relic of the museum is a stuffed bison, which is more than 200 years old. It was brought from the estate Potocki.
On December 10, 1996 Zoological Museum was given a national status. It has international recognition.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, B. Khmelnitsky street, 15 (Metro Theatralna)
Phone: 044 234 1613
Hours: Wed-Sun – 10:00-17:00, Mon-Tue – closed. First Wednesday of every month – free admission
Prices: 15 hryvnia – adults, 10 hryvnia – children, students.
Guiding and services (up to 25 people) – 60 hryvnia
Age group: students and all interested

Getting there:
From the Metro Theatralna up towards the Golden Gate, along Bogdan Khmelnitsky street.
By any means of transport to get to Metro Theatralna

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