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ГлавнаяНовости @en → A Church of the Assumption of Mother of God(Pirogoshcha)

A Church of the Assumption of Mother of God(Pirogoshcha)

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The church is located at the foot of Zamkova hill. It is a recreated copy of the ancient structure that was built of brick without the use of stone.

The location of the ancient temple was identified thanks to the student’s of the Kyiv-Podolsk Theological Academy of Antonin(1890) research and I. Malishewsky’s article. It was built on order of Volodymyr Monomakh sons Mstyslav and Yaropolk in 1132-36 years. It is mentioned in one of the most ancient chronicle “Slovo o Polku Igorevim”.

The name of the temple is connected either with the Byzantine icon of the Mother of God, called Pirogoshcha, or with the fact that it was built by the merchant – “goschi” – merchants, and “pie” – the bread. In 1482 a horde of Mengli-Giray ruined the temple.

The temple was rebuilt by Italian architect C. Braccio in the Renaissance style in 1613. The church remained Orthodox unlike the other temples of that time and was called the Metropolitan Cathedral. Here was a city archive, the temple also served as the venue for meetings. He survived in four fires and was rebuilt several times by I.Grigorovich-Barsky and A. Melensky.

The description:
Until the early twentieth century the temple was triapsidal, six-column, with one dome and a cross. The facades were decorated with pilasters and pediments. The center of the building was adorned with a faceted drum with a dome and lantern. The bell tower was added from the western side in ХIХ century. In 1935 it was destroyed. In 1997-98 the temple was rebuilt and consecrated.

Additional information:
The address:

Kyiv, Kontraktova Square, 1

How to get there:
Subway station “Kontraktova Ploshcha”

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