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ГлавнаяНовости @en → Khrestovozdvyzhensky Temple

Khrestovozdvyzhensky Temple

In 1748 at expenses of potters and artisans of Gonchary and Kozhemyaky holes a wooden church with a stone foundation and a wooden belfry was built. That’s why in some historical records it is called Kozhymyatska.

In 1811 a fire destroyed the structure. Nicholay Zakrewsky, historian, writes that in the same year a new stone two-storeyed temple was built. In the lower floor the church of Archangel Michael was set.

The upper one was built in 1823 and was consecrated in 1841 in the name of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

After 1860 the church converted into a three-nave one. From the south Mykhaylinsky threshold with two grand staircase and porch is building; from the north – Kazansky threshold.

Finally, an ensemble has been formed by the beginning of the twentieth century. Mikhail Bulgakov, a famous writer, was baptised in this church.

The description:
The architecture of the church is typical of its era. Its brick version corresponds to the design of old wooden churches. The central part of the church is widen and an east one with the altar is rounded. The western female part has a right-angled shape and ends with a gable. Most windows are oblonged and rounded at the top. The decoration is very modest, which was not typical for Mazepynska era. The iconostasis was carefully restored in 1811 and murals were made twice.

Sacred icons:
There are some sacred icons in temple – the icon with a fraction of St. Mitrophan Voronezhsky relicts and a fraction of Jesus Cross in the altar.

Additional information:
The address:

Kyiv, Vozdvyzhenska st, 1

How to get there:
from subway station “Kontraktova Ploshcha” or from subway station “Lukyanivska”— to “Smirnova-Lastochkina” stop.

What else to see on the road:
St. Andrew’s Church

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