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ГлавнаяНовости @en → The Temple in the Name of Saint Nikolay (on water)

The Temple in the Name of Saint Nikolay (on water)

Unique in Europe, the temple on the water is situated 15 meters from the shore. According to legend this is the place where the baptism of ancient Russia began. The temple is perfectly visible from any side.

The prayer in front of the icon of St. Nicholay helps to heal the pains in the legs and restore relationships ( the icon is studded with women’s jewelry). The people come here before a long journeys; here the relatives of sailors captured by pirates pray. Here the photographer was saved by a miracle- he was going to take a snapshot of the 8-meter height and suddenly began to fall, but his hand stuck to the wall and kept the body on the principle of suction.

The description:
Its height is 23 meters. The building lasted only11 months and cost 5 million UAH (the money was given by company “Ukrrichflot”). It was not an easy task to construct it. The technology was difficult – the soil was eroded and 64 piles were installed in a circle in a hard bottom. The resulting “glass” is covered with sand and gravel. There is a round cover-plate on the top of it. The church has three entrances. Some details are covered by stainless steel coated with titanium nitrite in the color of gold. The foundation is faced with gray granite as well as embankment.

 The Temple in the Name of Saint Nikolay (on water)Sacred icons:
When dedicating the Church, Metropolitan Volodymyr had presented a 200-year-old icon of St. Nicholay. There is a silver carapace with a particle of relics.

Additional Information:
The address:

Kyiv, Naberezhno-Kreshchatytska st, 8 -A

How to get there:
from “Pochtova Ploshcha” subway station go through underpass to Dnipro river.

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