Obolon embankment

Obolon embankment… one can not finde a better place for relaxing and taking a walk escaping the fuss of megapolis. Local dwellers consider it to be the cosiest place in Kyiv. Everybody enjoys taking a stroll around this magnifiesent place, even people from distant regions come here to have a good time in the fresh air.

Obolon embankment will definitely take your breath away.

Besides beaches, two-level pedestrian area, bicycle lane and minimarkets, one can find here various restaurants and bars of all kinds to fit any taste, that face a picturesque view.

On the territory of Obolon embankment hotel complexes with an excellent restaurants, cinemas, Spa-salons, saunas, swimming pools, massage cabines, solariums, gyms where tourists can spare a wonderful time.

Obolon embankment - day look

Obolon embankment – day look

Among the regular visitors of recreation area there are Kyivans as well as guests of capital of different age group and social statuses. The teenagers prefer riding bicycles, skates, roller skates; pensioners are fond of organizing pickniks along the riverside, fishing and swimming.

The mothers with little kids are constant visitors of Dnipro embankment at Obolon.

The young couples and people, who has fall in love, adore to wander along the bank, hand in hand, and watch the romantic view of dark waters of the Dnipro river absorbing the setting sun.

Obolon embankment

An outstanding beauty flourish here not only due to magnifiiecent nature, but also human contribution plays the important role in preserving it. People must take care of nature, love and respect it.

Obolon embankment – night look


Recently the local authorities has paid a decent attention to provision of the necessary facilities of the river bank. The reconstruction plan is to build a park alley in the Natalka hole directly to the bank.

The flowerbeds and young evergreen trees will decorate the central entrance. In the very near future cosy alcoves and rockeries will splendour here as well as a new interesting adventure playground for kids.

The park will size 36 hectare and the embankment – 10 hectares. Besides, the bank will be fixed with a two-level system of fundamental strengthening. Such a system helps to prevent the floods as well as to protect the road surfacing from water.

An additional information:
The Address: On the crossing of Severnaya and Heroes of Stalingrad streets up to the crossing with Moscow’s avenue.


1.From Heroes of Dnipro subway station: a bus to the Tax Inspectorate stop or to the final stop, which is Heroes of Stalingrad – the beginning of enbankment.
2.From Minska subway station: a bus to the Pokrov Holy Protection cathedral stop.
3.From Obolon subway station: a bus to the technical school of Kyiv State Academy of Water Transport stop – you should cross the road, go through the backyards and you will come to the Moscow’s brige to the end of the embankment.