Lamps in loveSince long time, human nature has been worshiping things confusing for him – the ancient people worshiped water, fire, wind, earth. Esoteric scientists tell us that a tree is a symbol of harmony in the manifestation of oneself as a person. It absorbed the energy of heaven, earth and water elements. Wood is the antithesis of rock and differs from it in the same things as a living being growing from an estate matter, which is capable of giving holiday to a traveler, the fruits to the hungry people, clothing to the naked and forces to the tired. 

Trees have the mental strength: some give vitality, others rob. They are related to land and water through the roots, with the sky and the sun with its spreading crown. Infinity of life, undying spirit and immortality symbolize the evergreen trees. They are able to survive through decades and centuries, silently watching the vanity of human life and the people to at least temporarily withdraw from the bustling circle, come to admire the trees, talk, fed with force. This power a man is able to assign even to a drawn tree or artificially fashioned.

When metal composition of Vladimir Belokon “A Tree 12 chairs” appeared in the Independence square, beside it, from morning till night, willing to be photographed began to crowd. Composition is an oak from metal with hanging on it chairs.

Tree with fruits-chairs

When the statue was taken away for restoration, the public alarmed. According to the plan the tree was supposed to stand on the central square of the capital about three months and then move to the owner, but seeing an effective response of Kiev inhabitants and tourists, it was decided to leave the sculpture in the same place.

The history of the creation of the tree is quite interesting. The idea dawned on the author’s not at once. It was supposed to create a composition for the Botanical Garden, they moved a lot of choices – for example, the idea of tree-compote on which the apples, pears, cherries mixed with exotic fruits, such as ginkgo-biloba, and so on, hang. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, a brilliant idea stroke Vladimir – to hang chairs on a tree branches. The canvas of design looks like that- the tree does not only provide benefits, but also a shadow, in the shade you can sit on a chair that grows on a tree as a fruit.  Not fully ripe chairs hang on the branches, and you can sit on the ripe ones.



The design of the monument is collapsible, so it is easier to transport. During the installation of the sculpture on Maidan, many curious people approached with the question of what should happen as a result of mounting. Naturally, they did not believe, and smiled in response. The artist was very worried, not knowing how to take his idea to Kiev. Wooden chairs on Maidan have become very popular, every 10 minutes, taking under its crown people wanting to be photographed and just loving couples. An interview with Vladimir was also organized under it, where the artist admitted that he often comes here. This is his first work, which was put in such a prestigious and populous place. It was created in the studio for over a month and now Vladimir is happy that his work has received universal recognition.

Special feelings he had of the tree, which was repeatedly tried to break down and even to steal. In general, Vladimir Belokon has already received an embodiment of about a hundred works; he has twice more not embodied ideas, and his reputation is as following the master, whose sculptures have attracted lovers.

Panorama veiw

Panorama veiw

The next his creative composition is a monument of love-lanterns, which is also installed on the Square became a place for a romantic rendezvous. Although history suggests that the lights were born not for romance, but for the most banal reason. In 1417 the Mayor of London, Henry Barton ordered to hang out in the dark winter night lights, to dispel a bit the impenetrable darkness of the British capital. There was not enough sense from the first light, since they used conventional candles and oil. Over time, the lights on the streets appeared in Paris. Starting from the XVI century, the French were obliged to keep the lights on the windows facing the street. Thanks to Louis XIV, Paris was awash with lights in large numbers because of the royal decree in 1667, for street lighting.

Prior to the reign of Peter I of Russia, the streets at night were not lightened. In the northern Russian Palmyra Peter instructed about the organization of festive street lighting, since in Russia there have been lights.

Sculpture lovers lamp represents an exquisite lantern-man two meters tall, elegant and fashionable, holding in his arms his beautiful bride, dressed in pink. Love is light, it does not fade – the main leitmotif of this composition, whose appearance on Maidan in Valentine’s Day has become an event for the people of Kiev, and was immediately embraced by loving couples, its sincerity of feeling and warmth. More than unusual composition of Vladimir Belokon, not just touches, but makes us think about relationships, tremulous and tender love. Two lamps, as a boy and a girl sat on the wrought bench, bowed their heads as if looking into each others eyes, and lantern-guy, like a real gentleman, tender hugs his girlfriend.

The picture would look fine, if not a single “but.” Since the sculpture adorns Maidan, and it is quite noticeable, bored overgrown vandals (in other words it is difficult to call them) paint the lamp, but “very intelligent” even try to stick ads. It is horrible of their hand to do that!