Cars on the streetsKiev residents have long been accustomed and resigned that morning and evening rush hour in Kiev is a solid traffic jam. If 10 years ago, the work could be reached within half an hour, now it takes more than an hour.

Many Kiev residents recognize that with the emergence of such inconveniences with ground transport, all people prefer subway – no traffic jams, and thus quickly and reliably.

Kyiv authorities are doing everything possible to resolve the inconvenience. One solution is to introduce a one-way traffic on the busiest streets of the capital.

By decision of the Kiev State Council from September 2010 a one-way traffic is introduced on several streets of Podolsk district of the capital. Thus an attempt to adjust the appearance of traffic jams around the city during rush hour will be realized.

The list of streets in Podolsky District: Vvedenskaya, Voloshskaya, Elenovskaya, Illinskaya, Obolonska, Pochayninskaya, Skovorody, Spassky, Horyva, Schekavitskaya, Yurkovska and Yaroslavskaya.