exponati tualetovToday, having a toilet in each apartment or private home has become commonplace and no one thought of its origin.
An evolution and development of the toilet lasted for a long period: it’s took not only years but ages, before we’ve got see it in the way that has become familiar to us.

A little about the history of the toilet.

If to believe to historians and produced excavations, the first toilet appeared near 2000 years BC in the civilization territory of Mohendjo-Daro (today is Pacistan). A toilet of that time looked like a room made out of bricks where was placed a chair attached to the drain system of the city. Similar structures have been in homes for more thanforty thousand people. A second mention of the toilet is dated 1800 BC. At that time the initiator of the toilet became queen of Crete, with its her development was to expect drain system.Greeks also took participation in the creation of the toilet but were more prosaic and used chamber pots.

Evolution of the toilet.

Evolution of the toilet has been continued in the middle ages. Rich people used a toilet as a wardrobe (they called it in such way at that time). The french used the potty or used the tube wich existed in the house, through which the feces out of the building to the street.

The government tried to remove this inconvenience a help of the law adopted in 1200, prohibiting to pour stench out to the streets of Paris. Finally in the early 16th century the first toilet with tank containing a water was designed.

This model was designed by sir John Harington especially for his aunt-the Queen Elizabeth. After the first water outputting has appeared the toilet had not only flushing tank but also curved tube-so it took the form of its contemporary. Alexander Cuminng became the author of this creation in 1775, and year later Joseph Brime invented the toilet with a lid which the user could lift and shut.

In the 19th century it was replaced by improvement of decorating toilet and its details. But the most famous tipe of toilet with a chain was invented by Englishman Thomas Krepper, for which thanksfull compatriots gave a nickname to it as “a krepper”.

But Daulon came up to decision to attach a water tank in the top of the wall, to provide more effective plum into the sewer.

vid na vxod v musei istorii tualeta

Вход в музей истории туалета

For those who are interested on this theme there is a good news-down town in the capital of our country has been opened and operates now first in Europe “Museseum of history of toilets”.

What intersting things you can find the museum?

In this museum you will be able to get acquainted with the history of creation of the toilet and its upgrate, to have a chance to take a look at different toilets samples that illustrate the temporal chenges and also to see the unique and innovative toilets designs. In the museum gathered more than 300 models of diferent sizes made of various materials from different countries. It will be interesting to look at models of most ancient toilets and modern ones. The museum has pictures of toilets creators and photos of toilets parts. So, the museum has expressed its respect and appretiation for one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

An additional information:
Address: Kiev,Rybalskaya st,22(business center”Bashnya #5)
Working hours:
Tu-Sut 10:00-18:00;
Sunday 10:00-17:00;
Monday- day off!
Entrance is free.

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