He is one of five museums that are part of the National Academy of Sciences – National Research Natural History Museum. It is located in the heart of Kiev, in a very old building with wonderful architecture.

The museum’s collection includes more than 30,000 exhibits, which are in the 24 exhibition halls with a total area of over 8000 sq.m.

The main highlight of paleontological museum can rightly be called a mammoth and a huge whale skeleton. Here you can see an interesting elephant – dinoteriyu, which has a typical growth of tusks in the lower jaw.

In view of the fact that in the era of dinosaurs the territory of modern Ukraine was under water, there are no bones of dinosaurs in the museum, which is a pity. But even though Kiev paleontological museum is still known in the world, and therefore is worth visiting. It is interesting for children, adolescents and adults. One of his exhibits is a scheme of the evolution of ape into man.

Here you can come alone or with company, but tour groups are not observed in the museum. In principle, it is quite possible to snap up in all the captions.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, street B. Khmelnitsky, 15 (Metro Theatralna)
Phone: 044 235 6053
Hours: Wed-Sun – 10:00-17:00, Mon-Tue – closed. First Wednesday of every month – free admission

Getting there:
From the Metro Theatralna lift up from the street Khreshchatyk along Bogdan Khmelnitsky street.
By any means of transport to get to Metro Theatralna