Park for weddingIn spring and summer in Kiev, as in most Ukrainian cities, began to appear free zones for rest. This is a picnic area with barbecue, tables, a playground for walking four leg friends, courts to play tennis etc.

But this holiday season, a rarity in Kiev, has become The Newlyweds Park.

In the park, right on the outside, couples are able to unite their destinies.

City officials could not decide for a long time with a place to house the park. Moreover, the question of the place under The Newlyweds Park was put up for public discussion of the capital’s residents.

Everyone had the opportunity to leave his opinion on

As a result of common efforts such a place was chosen. In Kiev, it is impossible to find a more romantic place than the park Feofania. Feofania has long been considered the heart of the spiritual life of Ukrainian people.

Natural Area Park greatly effects on human health and helps to strengthen the soul. The atmosphere in the park is impregnated with love.

Unique plants, a complex of lakes, alpine gardens, malls, church, the holy sources – all this will become extraordinarily beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies and rites.

The idea of creating such a specific park area is due to the fact that for the last time more and more pairs of newlyweds are willing to enter into a marriage not within the walls of the registry office, but prefer an exit option of marriage.

In addition, virtually all of the newlyweds after the ceremony of the festival go on a photo session in the beautiful parks and historic sites of the capital.
Especially popular among young families are a monument to the founders of Kiev (Novgorod Park), Park of Glory and the Mariinsky, The Lovers Bridge (City Park).

For ceremonies in the Newlyweds Park, the registry office employees will be organized. In the park there will be wooden gazebo, bridges across the lake, the park will be decorated with decorative waterfalls and arches of flowers, sculptures, symbolizing love.

In order to avoid unnecessary queuing and jostling for the convenience of the spouses, the ceremony will be conducted strictly according to the previous schedule.

Responsibility for the creation of the park is an organization “Kievzelenstroy”, whose leader – Alexander Kozlovsky shared in an interview to a local newspaper that the new park, except decorative arbors and lanes a small chapel will be provided, where young couples can get married.

The cost of the project for creation of such a specific park is about 1 million hryvnias. Park will make its share to the overall mood of the capital and will leave an imprint on the history of wedding traditions of Kiev.