Today all over the country and in Kiev of course you may see many monuments that were settled during the heyday of the Soviet Union.

Echoes of the past remind of the period that according to historians opinion is called “dark” or “light”.

But anyhow among the representatives of modern use there are young people for who a memory about this period leads to anger and confusion.

In other words, how to explain that fact that on June, 30 in the Shevchenko Boulevard was mutilated the statue of Lenin? Somebody broke his nose and his left hand. Against background of Lenin’s Tymoshenko expelled him from the state register of fixed interest, because “the gays are not vandals, but Patriots and all of them are good fellows”.

Is Soviet Union a Fashion?
The Soviet Union it is sort of a fashion. Many people buy monuments more precisely busts will not fit anywhere.

Restaurant USSR is made after USSR style. It means that small sights may be sold, their price is varies from 200 grn. To 5 thousands, and there are not a lot of them.

Soviet period park
So what to do with monuments that height would not fit in any room? It’s a problem. But our authorities already salved it. Americans have created Jurassic park, and we will have a real Soviet park.

This will be an entertainment center for tourists, but instead of dinosaurs there will be placed monuments collected during 17 years. In general there will be 17 of Lenin, two Krupskaya, a same number of Felix Dzerginskiy, one of Kasior, Petrovskiy and Kalinin.

For a long time organizers could not find a good place to put all of those monuments and than decided to give the territory of Gidropark to this park.

Of course a lot of monuments will find their own place in this park. So, it will be one more effort into country’s budget, because park will have paths for a walk, benches to seat in the shade, shops for tourists.