We are talking about newly opened, but already attracted by tourists of the sculpture- monument to a great Polish composer Frederic Chopin (in honor of the 200th anniversary if his birth) representing a white piano finished in tiles.

This location is not accidental – nearby is a children music school, and also the Embassy of Poland.

The first idea may even be that a musician can perform well on it what ever work, because the size of its own way is no different from the real.

Unfortunately it’s impossible because its keys are only an imitation and will not sound.

But still, this sculpture is not quite an ordinary, because inside of it is the sensor that responds to movement. Highlight is that a person passing by a piano begins to hear works of Chopin.

For not to disturb people living nearby the music does sound very quiet. Some of the people who passing by have even frustration, because according to their words they have to listen carefully, otherwise difficult to distinguish out even small fragment of the classic works.

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You will not find strings and hammers inside of the piano, but you’ll see a nice flowerbed with red flowers that would be planted there every year.

In the winter time the top of the piano will be closed. Although the bushes do not grow here – only the trees, its sculptor Konstantin Scretuczkiy for whom this is not the first work in Kiev named it “Piano in the bushes”.

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