All of us like beer. A pleasant fresh flavor, a little bitter taste of cool beer is indescribably! Do we know how to pour beer properly? Let’s try to find out.

So, beer poured in the high glass of the edge of glass. While a glass slightly titled and beer flows down along the glass side going down to the bottom. In the touch with the glass side beer “calms down” and froth formed not so much that lets to pour more beer into glass. Should also keep in mind that you need to pour at the height 2-3cm away of glass.

In the book “Beer: 500 great brands. A guide” the author M. Jackson gives the following methods of pouring beer depending on its sort.

– Staut – this beer poured in two doses. It needs to pour slowly. And you can enjoy a seeing of formation of the “froth hat”. A capsule with nitrogen promotes the formation of more thick froth.

-Wheaten – before pouring beer a glass needs to be moisten with a water. It slows a little the formation of froth that due to this sort formed pretty quick because of a large number of yeast. So, you need to pour this beer slowly and carefully.

El – evenly and slowly pour a glass of beer. When you got mostly 2/3 it is necessary to put the glass upright and to add beer into the froth, – this will make less froth and at the same time will keep the beer taste.

Pl’zenskoye – a soft with the rich taste beer that would stay in the glass if to pour itnot quick and not too slowly. Usually it takes 7 minutes to pour one bottle of beer into the glass.

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