Near the European square in Kreschatyi park there is a wonderful fairy-tale castle, in a premises of which Puppet Theatre is housing.

The draft of the current theatre building was designed by an architect Vitaly Yudin. A three-story fairytale castle with spires has two halls for 110 and 300 people.

There is also a children’s café. The museum of antique dolls kids are allowed to touch gently with their hands puppets of different eras and civilizations.

The most interesting is that, that the collection of dolls in the theatre remains unchanged for now 80 years! From time to time they are repaired, refurbished, added, but the backbone remains constant.

Nikolai Petrenko directs the theatre.

Puppet Theatre in Grushevskogo 1A

Puppet Theatre in Grushevskogo 1A

The second floor of the castle is inhabited by exotic butterflies, tigers and dragons.

And on the third to the delight of all the kids, on every turn cartoon characters and stories peep out.

It is interesting not only for children but also for adults. On Sundays near the local fountains the newlyweds often take pictures. The theatre’s arranged well: you can admire an exhibition of dolls, elegant light fixtures, flooring, an aquarium, the throne hall (and even photographed on the throne!).

Into performances not only dolls are involved, but also actors who sing and dance wonderfully. Dolls play, as if alive. In some moments they even showed parts of the body.

The theatre holds performances separately for children and adults. But even if adults are able to admire the interior design, costumes, storyline, and the skill of artists, then what to talk about the children!

Additional Information:
Address: Grushevskogo Str.1a
Phone: 044 278 5808
Hours tickets: Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00 (lunch: 14:00-15:00), weekends and holidays – 10:00-19:00
Price: to clarify
Age group: children from 3 years

Getting there:
From subway Independence Square pass in the direction of the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, on the right side of a road on which to go up.
From the underground Arsenal to go through the Mariinsky Park and Central Park of Culture and Rest, reaching the stairs leading to the archway, turn left and walk toward the puppet theatre.

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