In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most ridiculous monuments of our capital: both in their architectural embodiment and on their territorial arrangement, as for instance monument to single mother in front of Registry office, but first things first.

Some of you would say “… first create something, and only than criticize”, but we have yet had a courage to express our opinion about architectural forms, that are surrounding us. So do not judge strictly.

1.Zaporozhets monument is placed by an address, Vasilkovskaya st., 20 Motor Road College building.

According to a legend the prototype of the first Soviet car that came down off the assembly line in 1960 has become a model of German car Volkswagen Beatle, it is hardly to say if it is true, now. What do you think, do the students continue to learn more of this “miracle-car” to this time?

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2.Garbage truck monument is placed on Gazoprovodnaya st., 2, near City Cemetery “Bercovczi”.

musorovozKiev is the only city in the world that has a monument to garbage truck, so we can be proud of such an achievement. An idea of creating this monument came up to mind of employees of Kiev Special transport, to raise the prestige of the profession of the city sanitation workers in the masses’ minds. It was settled in 2004 and was dedicated to 35 anniversary of the founding KievSpeszTransport.

These cars aren’t in use now, instead of them became new modern ones.

3.Single Mother monument

mamaIs placed: Victory avenue, 11 opposite the Central Registry office.

Ironically or intentionally this sculpture was decided to be placed in the front of registry office. Mother and her sombre child stare to young happy married couples, and young brides may be happy twice to their legalized fortune.

4.Monument to the defenders of the boundaries of the all generations

4 zashitnikiIt is located at the intersection of Zolotovorotskaya and Reytarskaya streets opposite to building of the State Border service of Ukraine.

The monument was set in May of 2004. It’s creators are: an architect Yuriy Lisicin, the sculptors Valeriy Medvedev and Alexander Rodionov. Not being a professional, looking at this monument,it is clear that something wrong with its proportions. Among the people this monument got a name “Man riding a dog”.

But the fault of the horse body – is not only flaw of this monument. If to look more carefully you may see that horse is not saddled. Nevertheless the Cossack’s body position indicates that he is on his stirrups. It is a riddle how he does it with unsaddled horse…

5.The monument to Vyacheslav Chernovol

вячеслав черноволIs set in Grushevskogo st, 6

Another gaffe of Creative Team, strange but a fact that has 99 % similarity to Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko and the dressing chosen not according to political leader.

6.The monument to Yaroslav The Wise

yaroslav_mudriyNext to a metro Station “Zolotiye vorota”, Vladimirskaya st., 40-a

The author of this statue is Ivan Petrovich Kovaleridze. This project was exist only on paper in figurine scale, and not as bronze statue, and Kovaleridze did not planed to implement it in such a way, but it turned out differently. This sculpture was set beside Golden Gate in 1997. There are three prints of man’s palm on the back of monument, probably the man that made sculpture decided to make a contribution to the cultural heritage of future generations. Among a people this monument is called “Man with a cake”

7.Monument to the builder

stroitelLocated in Obolon district, not far from Minskaya metro station opposite to “Stolitsa Co.” office. You need to have very vivid imagination to see in this surreal sculpture the builder.

8.Monument to prince Sviatoslav

sviatoslavPlaced in Peizagznaya alley, Bolshaya Gzitomirskaya st.
It is the only “equestrian” monument hewn out of stone monolith in Kiev. The author: Perganshchik Aleksey. The local population is also perceive this work very skeptical. That is why it has got into this list.

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