Not a long time has passed since a company Brew Dog has produced a strong beer, as recently an American brewery stated about the readiness of new at least of extreme beer. By the way it was the company that recently held the palm tree of superiority.

“Utopias” is an improved version of beer called “Samuel Adams”.

In comparison with a beer “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” this beer has 27% of alcohol (its strength is achieved by freeze of water) has unique method of brewing (natural fermentation).

Brandy colored beer “Utopias” is marketed for $150 a bottle. This beer became an example of a technological progress in this field by its unique taste and percentage of alcohol.

As Jim Koch says, (the founder and owner of Boston Beer Co.) – this is one of the attempts to expand the boundaries, that were established for decades ago.

During a couple decades the private breweries Boston Beer Co. and Dogfish Head have produce a large amount of beer, thus breaking stereotype ideas about the beer.

The beverages with such percentage of alcohol are still refers to beer (legally) if they were made and based on malted grain.
The Head of The National Association of Brewers – Poul Gatsa says: to overcome the traditional level of alcohol in beer due to results of the research during recent years that let to experiment in new areas of science.

As the result is a beer “Utopias” that combines an exquisite taste, sweetness and a large percentage of alcohol.

The authorities are planing to change a Law for some of the States & open the way for a new beer brewed on new technologies to a world market. For instance Western Virginia an Alabama states have approved new law that allows a larger percentage of alcohol in beer. Iowa and Mississippi states in the nearest future also plan to enact appropriate legislation. As Poul Gatsa considers that also consumers are the impetus for the adoption of such a decision.