For sure every young man trying to win some girls heart or just to make a pleasant surprise was asking himself: how to settle a romantic unforgettable date? One wants to move away from the banal script and surprise the girl with his creativity and care. Perhaps all the charm and reverent attitude may be expressed an extraordinary way, for instance to invite girl to meet sunrise together.

We suggest you to familiarize with the list of the most beautiful and romantic places in Kiev, where you can meet and enjoy sunrise together.

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The favorite place of the couples is the right bank of the Dniper river. Here you may enjoy the first rays of the sun rising upon the left bank of the Dniper. The beautiful view opening over the morning Dniper captures the spirit and gives indescribable feelings.


If a long evening walk has been imperceptible delayed until late than you might go to Iron Mother monument. Here you might enjoy a wonderful view of the left bank of the Dniper, which is still sleepy and no hasty in the morning. And a quite smooth surface of the water will bring you the romantic mood.


Obolonska embankment becomes the very popular place for a meeting sunrise. Invite your
soul mate to amire first rays of the sun and enjoy the morning silence. Don’t forget to take your camera with you. Try together to take pictures of the most lovely and beautiful views because nothing pulls together as a joint passion.


Do you want to meet a sunrise in the harmony with nature so go to the Kiev’s sea. Take with you a vacuum flask of tea or coffee, different sweets and the warm blanket. It all will be incredibly romantic. The clear immense sky sparkling iridescent covers the water surface with all the colors of life. Peacefulness of the water will bring you the most pleasant emotions.


Pochtova embankment is very comfortable place to meet a sunrise. Here is opened a beautiful view. Besides, after sunrise you can easily get to downtown to visit some cozy cafe and enjoy a cup of flavored Coffee. There is no doubt that Pedestrian Bridge is a very beautiful and romantic place to meet the dawn. Here you can admire the majestic beauty of the sunrise and to see first rays reflected in the river Dniper water. The privacy from the noisy streets will allow for you to open and sincerely to share of your innermost feelings.


Truly fantastic and mysterious view opens with the rising of the sun on the Zamkova Hill. Observation deck allows you to experience the incredible beauty interweaving with the spirit of history, as it offers an amazing view of the historical part of the city. Nice romantic atmosphere will open you in new aspect to each other.


If we are talk about meeting sunrise we need to mention the famous monument to Leonid Bikov. With the sunrise here opens a wide view to city landscapes and the wonderful view to Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra and mighty river Dniper. It’s a good place, to pay attention to each other and to share warm words of love.


If your soul mate can not imagine life without the extreme, then invite her to the roof of high – rise building. Sounds pretty an original, but actually to feel emotions and experiences of seeing the first rays of the sun can not be compared with anything. Your soul mate will remember this unbelievable beauty for a long time.


A great alternative to all of the above is a trip out of town. Wonderful landscapes, fresh air, birds singing, the sound of trees in the morning let to relax and to enjoy every moment. The beauty of sunrise and hugs of your soul mate will bring you a lot of positive and pleasant emotions and impressions.


Don’t be afraid to experiment and surprise your loved with unrestrained fantasy and imagination – and your efforts will not go unnoticed.