In the center of Kyiv lies a beautiful Zolotovoritsky park. Kyivans’ adore to have a rest here and it is no mere chance, because there are many cozy benches, a wonderful fountain and sculptures of cats: one is devoted to cat Pantyusha, the second depicts the cat made of forks. We will tale you in detaile about these charming miracles, who settled in Zolotovoritsky park.

One night Constantin Skretutsky, a young Kyivan sculptor, got the idea to create a cat out of the plastic forks. After waking up, he went to the supermarket and bought the required amount of material to implement his idea – and that was how a fluffy white cat was born. This project required exactly 600 forks. It is very easy to find furry pet.It is located at Volodymyrska street, 40-A, on one of the trees of the park near the Golden Gate monument.

But this is not the only cat in Zolotovoritsky park, besides the white cat and a bronze Panteleimon, there is a wooden cat. It’s not even a cat, but rather a kitten that climbed up a tree and sat down on the place where a thick branch was cut down. The cute animal is located at Lysenko street, 4 opposite the Golden Gate. The initiative of installing this mini sculpture belongs to the “Kyiv Landscape Initiative” organization, headed by Vladimir Kolinko. He also said that these are the first their work and in the near future they plan to create 97 more cats all over Kyiv.

Constantin Skretutsky’ native town is Lugansk, but now he is one of the best sculptors of Kyiv. He spesializes in creating fun and unusual sculptures to place on the main streets of the capital. The 27-year-old artist is the author of such a well-known sculptures as a hedgehog in the fog, the cat out of plastic forks, flying cows and many others. The sculptor’s big dream is to put on the streets of the capital 100 different cats and dogs.

We have used to think that ancient Egypt dwellers tamed the cats(in the second millennium BC) and elevated them to the rank of a deity. The another version claims that first domesticated cats were in ancient Nubia. Anyway, the cat is a favourite pet and a friend of man for many centuries.

The British were the first who let cat in their houses.

A variety of breeds were cultivated by crossing of domesticated cats with wild species of cats that inhabited the forests of Europe and Benal species. Today more than 700 breeds of cats – from fluffy to the naked Sphynx are known.

Another good news for cat lovers are that every year on the first day of spring the World Day of Cats is celebrated.

On this day, the owners thank their pets for their affectionate behavior and love. British authorities are pamper state cats with tasty delicacies, Austrian cats, that are on state servise receive life-long “pension”, while in China it is finally forbidden to eat pussies.

Zolotovoritsky park has a nickname “cat’s park”, so don’t loose your time and go at once to this charming place!

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