Many Kiev’s residents and guests of the city for having rest from life routine have chosen Botanical Garden of M.M. Grishko. It is very nice here especially during a period when everything is blossom: magnolias, roses and lilacs. Every year the National Botanical Garden attend about a million of people.

Garden of M.M. Grishko with the diversity of the collections of living plants, the scale of occupied territory and the level of scientific research is in advantageous position in the ranking of the Botanical gardens in Europe.

Kiev’s Botanical Garden consists of eight scientific departments ad has its unique fond of plants.

The workers of the Botanical Garden conduct research in the field of plant introduction and acclimatization and in the field of Dendrology and park keeping. Special attention is paid to the conservation of endangered plants.

“The Red Yard” in Botanical Garden
The National Botanical Garden represents itself an object of historical significance.

In XI century in the territory of the garden on the Vidubetzki hill was situated a fortress called “Red Yard”. This fortress was built according to Prince’s Vsevolod desire and it is nearby Vidubitzki Monastery, that still exists today.

Here from the “Red Yard” was a fine view to Ukrainian Capital. At that time the fortress was attributed to the beautiful city facilities.

“The Red Yard” an Yuri Dolgoruki
Yuri Dolgoruki liked the Red Yard very much and a fortress was his favorite place to stay in,it is in this fortress death hour came to Prince.

After Rostov- Suzdal Prince’s death his favorite abode was plundered by Kievans which did not share the political views of Prince.

Who and when will restore the fortress?
Finally historic fortress has been restored. Within the action, initiated by the leader of the movement “Kievan’s above all” Victor Pilipishin. For reconstruction and the erection of the observation platform were collected donations from all interested persons.
The ceremony of the opening was in November of this year.
Each who did not remind indifferent was invited to the ceremony of the opening of observation complex. Names of these (who gave for the reconstruction more than 1 thousand grn.) been immortalized on the symbolic wall, which is placed in front of main entrance.

About the observation platform
After collecting enough of money the platform was cleaned up around the perimeter built a wooden stockade equipped with overviews loopholes, erected a tower a two stories high, arranged seating areas, provided walking paths, Also you’ll see a gates made of tree log cabins,walkways and little fences – all of that is made in the style of the ancient Kiev Rus’.
To recreate the atmosphere of Kiev Rus’, in the platform planted the appropriate vegetation to that time.
From the platform you can enjoy a unforgettable view of the left bank of the city that divided by deep river Dniper.
Special signs will help you to get to a platform.
How much?
Initiators of reconstructive activities inform that attending of this historical place will be absolutely free for everyone, you’ll just need to pay an entrance fee to Botanical garden.

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