A Hedgehog in the FogMost of Ukrainian people’s childhood is descended from the Soviet era, when they were brought up by Soviet cartoons. One of the most famous cartoons of those times was the “Hedgehog in the Fog”. This animated short film was released 35 years ago by “Sovjetmultfilm” film studio. The author of it is Yuriy Norstein, who is considered to be a guru in the field of animated films and a lot of distinguished animators call him “The Teacher”.

The plot of cartoon is about a Hedgehog that travels to his friend Bear in order to count the stars in the sky together. He carries a jar of raspberry jam for the tea.

During his journey he has met an owl and a horse in the fog. He went down to have a look whether the horse choked with the fog when fell asleep. But as the proverb says: “Curiosity killed a cat”, so you should watch this cartoon to know what happened.

George Kurowsky and Vladimir Kolinko, who are the members of the association “Kyiv Landscape Initiative”, decided to immortalize the wonderful hedgehog in the form of a wooden monument. Hedgehog sits on a stump and holds a bundle with jam – he waits for his friend Bear.

The monument “A Hedgehog in the Fog”The citizens of the capital and guests are smiling and taking pictures when they look at this work of art, because now they can touch their favorite cartoon hero. Frankly speaking, one should touch a hedgehog very gently, because its needles are made of nails and screws.

This is not the first work of the wooden monument’s authors. Earlier, they have created Pinocchio, ballerina and other wooden characters and placed them in the streets of the capital.

WHERE IS “ Hedgehog in the fog” situated?
You can find the hedgehog at the very heart of Ukrainian’s capital on the crossing of Reytarska and Zolotovoritska streets and Georgiivsky lane.

The monument’s name is not “A hedgehog in the fog” as the citizens call it, but “Loshadka”(“The Horse”) in honor of the horse that the main hero saw in the fog. An another interesting fact is that the hedgehog is considered to be a talisman, that’s why people throw a lot of odd money near it.

It is worth saying that in 2003 the cartoon “Hedgehog in the fog” received the award as the best cartoon ever in the history of cartoon making.

A great number of people in the world became the fans of this cartoon and fell in love with a lovely hedgehog.

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