Kiev in snow

The winter has come. The thermometer fell rapidly down, the lakes are covered with ice edge, and fluffy snow covers the streets of Kiev native with light white feather. At this point, remember poems of Esenin: “white birch beneath my window is covered with snow, like silver ….».

Winter – it’s time for fairy tales, magic and winter outdoor activities.

«CultKiev» offers several ways to spend a fun time and go in for a winter sport.

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, skiing. Skis are a popular equipment for winter sports, some prefer to descend from the mountains and ski jumping, as someone who likes skiing.

Snowboarding is a new youth trend, which appeared not so long. According to coaches, snowboarding can be learned in a few days, the main thing is to learn to balance and manage the snowboard while riding. Besides, snowboarding is safer than skiing, so that you fall on the back.

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snowbord and skySkis are a special device for quick movement on the snow cover.

Skis consist of a pair of skis (wood or plastic) with a mount for legs and two sticks for repulsion. The length of ski runs is 150-220 cm, width is 8.5 cm
Skis can be running and skiing. The first is used to run in the snow, the second – for the ski slopes.

It is believed that the skis were invented in the second millennium BC by the northern nations. Skis were used for hunting and travel. Skiing appeared only in the late 19th century, at the same time a stick for the repulsion while running came up.

With the development of skiing, its variety (cross-country skiing, biathlon, skiing with a ski jump) were included into the program of sports competitions, among them the Olympic Winter Games.

Snowboard is a sports equipment intended for downhill on the slopes.

The first prototype of snowboarding was invented in 1965 by an American Sherman Poppenom, who connected the two skis. Over the next twenty years, the creation of the modern snowboard was influenced by such people: Dimitri Milovich, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Mike Olson.

The first world championship in snowboarding was held in 1979 in the U.S. city of Grand Rapids (Mich.). It is on this championship a mounting foot on a snowboard was first applied, and in 1982 a competition in slalom was held. To our open spaces, Vladimir Maslachenko has brought snowboarding in 1988.

Skiing and snowboarding in Kiev can be possible in several places:
1 – Ski complex “Protasov Yar”
2 – Ski complex “VyshGora (Fedotov’s Mountain)
3 – Golosiivskiy park named after Rylsky

But if you love skiing, then you can go to any park, for example, Partisan’s Glory, it is important that it would have been enough snow.

SankiAnother fun that should please both adults and children will be riding on a sled out of the mountain. This is a funny winter entertainment both fits parents, and their children. In order to ride a sled, you can go to the nearest snowy slope, from where you will down on a sledge.

Initially the sled was used to transport goods or people. It is believed that the first sleigh were invented by the northern nations applying harness of dogs or other animals and overcoming distance on the snow. Also, a sledge, is mentioned by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt and the Kievan Rus. Here, besides the transport of goods and people, sleds was used for funeral ceremonies. Prince Volodymyr the Great was brought from the church to the burial place on the sled. It is interesting that during the wedding, the bride was carried on a sledge to the church.

The first sled in its form, reminded a boat or box in which a person could lie. Later the evolution of the sled shape led them to a form that is familiar to us from childhood.

They have several varieties, which are defined by purpose (driving on ice, snow, etc.), as in ancient times there were sleds for women or men.

If you do not want to go down sledding, try the special plates. Riding on the plates is very similar to sledging, but they are controlled by body, while you can hold the handles on the sides or only one handle.

To ride a sled, plate and snowshoe one can here:
1 – Ski complex “Protasov Yar”
2 – Ski complex “VyshGora (Fedotov’s Mountain)
3 – Golosiivskiy park named after Rylsky
4 – Any slope near your home

KatokSkating can be divided into two types. The first is figure skating, the second is sport skating.

Figure skating is a beautiful plastic dance on the ice, which is performed by professional skaters, is striking with its beauty, grace, ease and speed of movement.
Sports skates are used for speed skating, as well as for the game of hockey.

Skate is a leather shoe with an attached blade, through which one can slip on ice. There are two types of skates: mounted to boots and removable, which can be put on the shoes.

Due to the invention of artificial ice, and now even in the sweltering summer you can enjoy a slide on the ice. In winter, you can enjoy ice skating both in private and in public rinks.

You can go skating here:
1 – The town “Winter’s Tale”
2 – The ice rink at the Independence Square
3 – Rink “Pioneer”
4 – Rink “Krizhinka”
5 – Sports Complex “APEC”
6 – Wake Kite Club “Extreme thirst”

Snow scooter, has anyone heard of this? Open the secret, a – this is nothing like device similar to a scooter, but without wheels. Having a smooth surface, riding on snow scooter carried out by means of repulsion foot off the ground. Another variety of snow scooter like a tricycle, but instead of wheels skiis are fastened. This snow scooter has the steering wheel and seat, although occasionally with the back.

Winter came into its own and it’s time to enjoy the snow-covered slopes, the abundance of submerged rollers and just walks on the snowy streets of fabulous Kiev.