St. Ilya Church

According to the ancient legend, the Kievan princes Ascold and Dir were trying to capture Constantinople.

During of townspeople prayer prists have omitted Holy Mother’s robe down onto the sea. Unexpected raised storm had sank Russian ships.

The miracle that princes saw convinced them to accept Christianity.

When Askold and Dir returned to Kiev they built St.Elias Church.”Chronicle” writes that in 945 BC warships in the temple were held already.

In 1930 the temple transformed into grain storage, but during the World War II, there started to hold religious services.

The most interesting thing in the history of the temple is that it is the opldest shrine of Kievan Rus, which existed before the baptism of Vladimir Monomakh.

Свято-Ильинская церковь

It is impossibe to find out for sure wether was a temple built of wood or stone. Probably at this place several churches changed. One of the references is dated of 1632. And after another 60 years was build a church of stone in the form which we know it today: a small white church with green domes. During restoration of the temple in 1755 after a fire in 1718 have been made additional buildings on the north side is the church of memory beheading of John the Baptist, and in front of western doors has appeared an arch with side columns. By Peter Goudima’s family fonds there were built iconostasis and bell tower. In 1957 under layers there were found fragments of murals dated of 1755.

Additional info:
adress: Kiev, Pochayninskaya st.,2

How to get to:
From “Kontractova ploshcha” metro station to go towards Naberezhno-Khreschatytska street, or from “Pochtovaya” metro station.