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Metro museum

This Metro museum has exist since 2000. It is located at the second floor of the Metro administration building and has three exposition halls. Here you may see colorful pictures of all the metro stations in their chronological order according to years of their opening. The funds of the museum that regularly fulfilled have more than 2,5 thousands exhibits.

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Kiev Astronomical Observatory

The history of occurrence of The Central Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine has not been simple. It owes its appearance to eminent scientist astronomer and geophysicist Alexander Yakovlevich Orlov.

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Drinks you have to try in Kiev

To refresh, or to warmth you in the cold weather or just to waken your appetite – all of those are the remarkable properties of beverages. A pretty big assortment of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, diary drinks that quench the thirst of those who thirsty is presented in Kiev.

In this article we’ll talk about where and what beverages worth to try in Kiev.

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Kiev restaurants with an aerial view, and not only…

Very soon a spring-summer season starts which with it’s warmth gives us a lot of opportunities to spend a free time in open air, so we propose you a view of Kiev restaurants on a roof or terrace, where you would be able to relax and enjoy not only delicious dishes with your best friends or business partners, but also to admire the views from the heights.

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Museum of Physics in Kiev

An unusual museum opened in Kiev recently, where visitors are permitted to touch exhibits and check how do they work, to held different experiments. During the first month after opening, this museum had visited many people.

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Kiev restaurants with national Ukrainian cuisine

A modern cuisine is able to satisfy any tastes of most discerning gourmets. There many dishes of different nations of the world are provided in Kiev’s restaurants such as Italy,Japan,Armeniya, Georgiya, India, Greece, Spain and many others. But sometimes there is an incredible desire to taste a dish cooked in old national Ukrainian traditions

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Only one museum of the history of the toilet in the Europe

exponati tualetovToday, having a toilet in each apartment or private home has become commonplace and no one thought of its origin.
An evolution and development of the toilet lasted for a long period: it’s took not only years but ages, before we’ve got see it in the way that has become familiar to us.
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Unusual museum

Museum is opened at Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, it’s exposition has a big quantity of mikrominiatures. The Organizer and ideological inspirer of this exhibition- well known all around the world with his masterly made mikrominiatures is Nickolay Syadristiy.

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Coffee-Bus uncommon cafe

If you want to have a good cup of delicious coffee and to spend time in the nice atmosphere, you surely need to stop by “Coffee-bus”. Do you want to know difference of this place from others? “Coffee-bus” it is a vintage bus “LAZ” of 1963, which has been opened in march 2011.

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A Cableway – the aerial overview of the historical part of Kiev

Cable roadInteresting news flew to Kiev. According to Igor Dobrutsky, who served as deputy mayor of the capital, representatives of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra have already signed a contract for the construction of the ropeway. More …