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Kiev’s branded sweets are worth to try

Every city or a country has its own branded special dainty that might be tried only there. In Czech Republic – it is Liege waffles, in Hungary – marzipan, in Italy- there are many kinds of the most delicious ice-cream, and this list may be continued for a long time.

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The red yard of Prince Vsevolod

Many Kiev’s residents and guests of the city for having rest from life routine have chosen Botanical Garden of M.M. Grishko. It is very nice here especially during a period when everything is blossom: magnolias, roses and lilacs. More …

The main Kiev park – Botanical garden in Pechersk

In all ages there were enthusiasts, which forces incorporated the most daring ideas and projects. One of such a person was Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipski More …

The Dairy Beer

Everyone who likes beer tries to taste as many kinds of beer as he can.
For today there are many sorts of beer that are divided into several main groups: light, dark, filtrated, non filtrated and others. But there are some sorts of beer that can be referred to “unusual” and “exotic” ones.

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Black hopped beer

Everyone who likes beer well knows such sorts of beer, as light, dark, white unfiltered and wheaten. Producers who offer those sorts of beer are widely presented in trading networks. Until recently not everyone would guess about of existence another sort of beer – black one. Yes, the black.

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Drinks you have to try in Kiev

To refresh, or to warmth you in the cold weather or just to waken your appetite – all of those are the remarkable properties of beverages. A pretty big assortment of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, diary drinks that quench the thirst of those who thirsty is presented in Kiev.

In this article we’ll talk about where and what beverages worth to try in Kiev.

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Museum of Physics in Kiev

An unusual museum opened in Kiev recently, where visitors are permitted to touch exhibits and check how do they work, to held different experiments. During the first month after opening, this museum had visited many people.

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Unusual museum

Museum is opened at Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, it’s exposition has a big quantity of mikrominiatures. The Organizer and ideological inspirer of this exhibition- well known all around the world with his masterly made mikrominiatures is Nickolay Syadristiy.

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Coffee-Bus uncommon cafe

If you want to have a good cup of delicious coffee and to spend time in the nice atmosphere, you surely need to stop by “Coffee-bus”. Do you want to know difference of this place from others? “Coffee-bus” it is a vintage bus “LAZ” of 1963, which has been opened in march 2011.

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Puppet Theatre in Grushevskogo 1A

Near the European square in Kreschatyi park there is a wonderful fairy-tale castle, in a premises of which Puppet Theatre is housing.

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