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White Beer!

Dear beer drinkers! We continue acquainting you with the variety of unusual and exotic beers. In articles at this site you have already read about dark and even green beer – now it is a time to read about white beer.

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The Castle of Richard the Lionheart (Kiev)

Richard castleThe majority believes that Kiev, like Rome, is situated on seven hills, but in reality there are much more hills in Kiev. Ukrainian capital freely lies on the great number of mountains, hills and hillocks of the Right Bank, one of them is decorated with exotic structure – The Richard’s Castle. More …

The Observation Towers

“Kievzelenstroy” got right for the installation and subsequent operation of facilities for viewing the beauties of Kiev. Simply put, to build an observation tower or the ferris wheel.  More …

Golosiivskiy park named after Rylsky

GoloseevoGreen historic district in Kiev in winter turns into the center of sledding and skiing. At a time when there is a lot of snow there is an opportunity to go down on a sledge with multiple slides, but if you do not have sleds, they can be hired on the spot, while pay 20 hryvnias for 1 hour of use. More …

Ski complex “VyshGora (Fedotov’s Mountain)

Complex "VyshGora"Complex “VyshGora” is considered an excellent ski resort, located near Kiev in Vyshgorod. More …

Ski complex “Protasov Yar”

Protasiv jarSkiing complex “Protasov Yar” is the largest complex in the capital. Its main difference is a European approach and the latest equipment. Regardless of the weather there are always excellent conditions for skiing. Within the complex there are several ski slopes, and of course for the students. There are ski slopes with electric lighting. More …

Snow fun – Kiev review

The winter has come. The thermometer fell rapidly down, the lakes are covered with ice edge, and fluffy snow covers the streets of Kiev native with light white feather. At this point, remember poems of Esenin: “white birch beneath my window is covered with snow, like silver ….».

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A river travel- a tour

korablikWhat does a man dream of in hot summer months? Who’s in anticipation of trips to the country, who to the sea, and who dreams about overseas countries, but for any holiday is a prerequisite – the presence of “big water”! Those who are fortunate enough – spend their holidays lying serenely on the banks of the river or the sea, and what shall do those who work? For them there is a nice solution – a cruise on a ship or boat on the main river of Ukraine – the Dnieper.

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Geological Museum

The opening of the museum took place in 1927, and in 1967 while creating a national museum of natural science, it entered its structure.
The basic foundation of the museum are a unique collection of rocks and minerals collected by the outstanding geologists of time Bezborod’ko, Tutkovskiy and Luchitskiy.

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Zoological Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in Kiev. It was founded in 1919. There are 4,000 species of animals, and 5000 of exhibits in total.

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