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Historic metro train

25th of March, 2010 was a ceremonial launch of the historic train of the Kiev Metro. In such way Kiev Metro decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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Cast iron fountain in the park “ZOLOTOVOROTSKIY”

Золотой фонтанSince a long time fountains have adorned all the major parks of many cities. They are like an oasis for tourists during the hot summer, and water as a symbol of life in the world.

Kiev was not an exception, in the central part of the city there are several fountains which are gather together Kiev residents and guests in hot summer weather.
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On one patch a tree with fruits-chairs and lamps in Love

Lamps in loveSince long time, human nature has been worshiping things confusing for him – the ancient people worshiped water, fire, wind, earth. Esoteric scientists tell us that a tree is a symbol of harmony in the manifestation of oneself as a person. It absorbed the energy of heaven, earth and water elements. Wood is the antithesis of rock and differs from it in the same things as a living being growing from an estate matter, which is capable of giving holiday to a traveler, the fruits to the hungry people, clothing to the naked and forces to the tired.  More …

Kiev’s Monuments of bronze – worn shoes

shoes2010 is almost at the end and two promising young sculptor of Kiev decided to present the outgoing year gift – a bronze sculpture of well-worn shoes. More …

Graffiti in Obolon

Piece of graffitiThe off-season is coming after a long winter. Spring is in no hurry to take the reigns in his hands. I am going in the morning in Kiev and feel that I’m a heroine of black and white movies. In fact, after the elections the street landscape became colourless. More …

A March red cat

It is impossible to imagine that once our favorite furry whiskered friends were quite wild and not domesticated. There are many opposite versions in this regard.

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Square with lime alley at Obolon

1Nowadays, Obolonskiy district is one of the fastest growing areas of Kiev. The name of the district gave an Obolon area, located in its center. Throughout its short history, as for the urban area, Obolonskyi area many times changed its boundaries and names.

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The globe in the elements of women’s underwear – Sculpture

Architects and artists are trying to surprise the capital’s residents and guests of Kiev in different ways. With their “light hand” not just one original monument or sculpture appeared, they decorate the city with drawings on grey walls, they set the monuments of the frogs, and they make the cat out of white plastic forks and attach it to one of the most popular parks of the city of Grand Duke Kiy.

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Navodnitsky Bridge

Chronicles of X-XI centuries testify the existence at that time on the Dnieper River, near the mouth of Lybed, a main transportation of Kiev, a Navodnitskiy Bridge. In the XVI century it consisted of a wooden bridge thrown over the lake Telbin (at that time it was the Gulf), and two ferries.

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The Park with a Locomotive “the Lamb”, T-34 tank and MI-8 helicopter

On the streets of the capital of Ukraine you can see an extremely interesting and original architect objects as well as monuments and sculptures. And a freight locomotive is one of them. It is situated not far from The Kyiv National Polytechnic Institute.

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