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Jazz-Club – restaurant

One more restaurant in Jazz style.

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Jazz restaurant “Diksiland”

Restaurant at Jazz style.

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A part of Japanese culture in Kiev

Recently, in the picture of our life more vividly and clearly fit the touches of oriental culture and traditions. All of us have used to Eastern rhythms on the dance floors of Kiev. A significant portion of either on radio occupied by Eastern performers. There are many restaurants that offer Oriental cuisine snacks. More recently on the streets of Kiev started opening numerous cafes and restaurants offering Japanese cuisine.

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Restaurant “Yellow Sea”

Traditional budget class Japanese restaurant. More …

Restaurant “Tokyo”

Classic Japanese premium class restaurant.

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10 best children’s entertainment centers in Kiev

When on the busy schedule of today’s parents falls a spare minute, of course, they want to spend this time with their child having fun and entertainment. The perfect way to spend a family holiday – is to visit entertainment center, where hundreds of amusements to a different taste are waiting for you and your kids.

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Traditional Ukrainian dishes you have try while in Kiev

Continuing the recent commencement of the theme of traditional Ukrainian sweets, in this article we would like to represent you first and second courses, as traditional Ukrainian ones or as it is used to call them “vintage” now, and dishes, which recipes has changed over time, but has not lost its authenticity. Once trying them you will want to return to Kiev again and again. More …

Inline skating places in Kiev: fun of extreme sports

At any season and different weather you can get the portion of adrenalin if you visit one of the places for inline skating.

Constructions variety of such places will make the skating not boring for skaters of different skill degrees: as for children, beginners, and experienced fans of inline skating. More …

Kiev restaurants with national Ukrainian cuisine

A modern cuisine is able to satisfy any tastes of most discerning gourmets. There many dishes of different nations of the world are provided in Kiev’s restaurants such as Italy,Japan,Armeniya, Georgiya, India, Greece, Spain and many others. But sometimes there is an incredible desire to taste a dish cooked in old national Ukrainian traditions

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A river travel- a tour

korablikWhat does a man dream of in hot summer months? Who’s in anticipation of trips to the country, who to the sea, and who dreams about overseas countries, but for any holiday is a prerequisite – the presence of “big water”! Those who are fortunate enough – spend their holidays lying serenely on the banks of the river or the sea, and what shall do those who work? For them there is a nice solution – a cruise on a ship or boat on the main river of Ukraine – the Dnieper.

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