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The Church of Nikolay Prytysk

On the place of the ancient church a temple was erected in 1631 (according to another version in the late 17th century) at the expense of the philistine Peter, nicknamed the Iron penny. The name is associated either with “prytyk” – the mooring for commercial vessels, or with a fact that a thief was caught during attempted robbery(in Ukrainian to catch is “prytysnuty”).

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The Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God

The Church of the Intercession of the Mother of GodTHE HISTORY
This temple is the best example of Ukrainian Baroque, the masterpiece of the architect I.Grygorovych-Barsky. In 1685 the Greek merchant built a wooden church of the Intercession of the Mother of God for his family on the same place where the Armenian church once burnt.According Tarnaviot widow’s will the church was to become a parish.

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The Church of Nikolay Dobry

The Church of Nikolay DobryTHE HISTORY
According to some sources the Church of Nikolay Dobry existed in the 11-13 centuries. Due to one version, the name of the temple comes from Kyivan Dobrykov who captured Polovtsian. He has vowed to drive the horses as a ransom before the church of St. Nikolay and did not keep his word.

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The Orthodox faith and Kyivan shrines

The Orthodox faith is one of the three major religions in the world and the most widespread religion in the territory of Ukraine. The Orthodoxy has a lot of in common with Catholicism, but still there are differences, for example, the celebration of Christmas, rites and way of baptism during the liturgy and worship, yet both religion worship one God.

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St. Andrew’s Church

There is one old legend related to the history of ancient Kiev. It is difficult to answer even for scientists how authentically this, but as far as we know “there is no smoke without fire”. More …

About Podol – Kyiv District

Podol is one of the oldest parts of Kyiv. The first mention of Podol (or as it was called “Podolia”) can be found in the ancient chronicles, for example, in the legendary Nestor-chronicle “The Tale of Bygone Years”.

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The Church of Jesus Christ’s Birth

One of the church records states that it was built in 1011 by Prince Vlolodymyr. But documentary evidence is dated 1520 and 1564 years. The church is famous by the fact that on 6 and 7 May 1861 the coffin of the Great Kobzar(poet) of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko, stood there. More …

The Temple in the Name of Saint Nikolay (on water)

Unique in Europe, the temple on the water is situated 15 meters from the shore. According to legend this is the place where the baptism of ancient Russia began. The temple is perfectly visible from any side. More …

A Church of the Assumption of Mother of God(Pirogoshcha)

The church is located at the foot of Zamkova hill. It is a recreated copy of the ancient structure that was built of brick without the use of stone. More …

Khrestovozdvyzhensky Temple

In 1748 at expenses of potters and artisans of Gonchary and Kozhemyaky holes a wooden church with a stone foundation and a wooden belfry was built. That’s why in some historical records it is called Kozhymyatska. More …