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Rating of the most ridiculous monuments of the Capital

In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most ridiculous monuments of our capital: both in their architectural embodiment and on their territorial arrangement, as for instance monument to single mother in front of Registry office, but first things first.

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A good “Frog”

The capital of Ukraine has followed to examples of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Boston and Tokyo. Now in Kiev you may visit a sculpture to a frog. Its weight is 6 tons and it is settled not far from the place where in 1980th was a very popular dance place called a “Frog”. This place also is suitable for its habitat because there is a museum of the water near by.

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Drinks you have to try in Kiev

To refresh, or to warmth you in the cold weather or just to waken your appetite – all of those are the remarkable properties of beverages. A pretty big assortment of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, diary drinks that quench the thirst of those who thirsty is presented in Kiev.

In this article we’ll talk about where and what beverages worth to try in Kiev.

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Hostels: cozy and economically

At the present time staying in the hostels is a very suitable variant for the young travelers: comfortable and not large hotels, their rooms can accommodate the group of students or a sport team. Kiev hostels have got a wide popularity among the modern youth by the very simple reason -
their reasonable price. Not expensive rooms don’t mean they do not have the comfort and convenience. Hostels are also good for economical family vacation. Here you can meet a lot of interesting people. Usually at hostels get together many creative individuals such as writers, artists, actors.

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Cafe and restaurants in the Soviet-style – an echo of the past with a modern twist

As sociological investigation shows, after the USSR collapse nearly one third of the population are nostalgic after the old days which seems bright and carefree now.
Now its became a popular thing to recreate an atmosphere of the former Soviet Union in the restaurant business field : not only as interior but dishes with appropriate names such as: “Builder of Communism”, “Equites- Budennitsa”, “Peace” etc. More …

Ten Kiev’s fountains: Retro and modern

For centuries fountains where to decorate European capitals and were placed in their down town’s squares, gardens and parks.

The First Kiev’s fountain was put into use in 1870 and was situated at the territory of King’s Square (European Square now).

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10 romantic places for loving couples in Kiev

In our country a tradition to celebrate a Valentine’s Day became a common thing pretty long time ago. On the eve of Valentine’s we offer you an overview of the romantic places which became popular among loving couples living in Kiev. To visit those places with a person who you love not only once in the year, but every time when you are overwhelmed by the romantic feelings.

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Kiev restaurants with an aerial view, and not only…

Very soon a spring-summer season starts which with it’s warmth gives us a lot of opportunities to spend a free time in open air, so we propose you a view of Kiev restaurants on a roof or terrace, where you would be able to relax and enjoy not only delicious dishes with your best friends or business partners, but also to admire the views from the heights.

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The most expensive hotels of Kiev

According to research in early 2012, Kiev entered the top of five European cities with the highest prices for accommodation in hotels. Also lead to high prices Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm and London.
In this article you will find an information about five stared Hotels of our capital.

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Cast iron fountain in the park “ZOLOTOVOROTSKIY”

Золотой фонтанSince a long time fountains have adorned all the major parks of many cities. They are like an oasis for tourists during the hot summer, and water as a symbol of life in the world.

Kiev was not an exception, in the central part of the city there are several fountains which are gather together Kiev residents and guests in hot summer weather.
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