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Kiev’s branded sweets are worth to try

Every city or a country has its own branded special dainty that might be tried only there. In Czech Republic – it is Liege waffles, in Hungary – marzipan, in Italy- there are many kinds of the most delicious ice-cream, and this list may be continued for a long time.

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The main Kiev park – Botanical garden in Pechersk

In all ages there were enthusiasts, which forces incorporated the most daring ideas and projects. One of such a person was Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipski More …

Where to swim in winter

With winter coming we have very often to change our active life to more calm and plodding, when it very cold outside and we try to get home soon as we can, where cozy and warm. There are more and more people that prefer an active rest (even in winter colds) today.

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Jazz-Club – restaurant

One more restaurant in Jazz style.

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Jazz restaurant “Diksiland”

Restaurant at Jazz style.

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A part of Japanese culture in Kiev

Recently, in the picture of our life more vividly and clearly fit the touches of oriental culture and traditions. All of us have used to Eastern rhythms on the dance floors of Kiev. A significant portion of either on radio occupied by Eastern performers. There are many restaurants that offer Oriental cuisine snacks. More recently on the streets of Kiev started opening numerous cafes and restaurants offering Japanese cuisine.

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Restaurant “Yellow Sea”

Traditional budget class Japanese restaurant. More …

Restaurant “Tokyo”

Classic Japanese premium class restaurant.

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The park “Kiev in miniature”

Kiev’s history is inseparable from the history of development of all Slavic nations and the history of the Ukrainian state. More …

“Piano in the bushes”

We are talking about newly opened, but already attracted by tourists of the sculpture- monument to a great Polish composer Frederic Chopin (in honor of the 200th anniversary if his birth) representing a white piano finished in tiles.

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