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The red yard of Prince Vsevolod

Many Kiev’s residents and guests of the city for having rest from life routine have chosen Botanical Garden of M.M. Grishko. It is very nice here especially during a period when everything is blossom: magnolias, roses and lilacs. More …

The main Kiev park – Botanical garden in Pechersk

In all ages there were enthusiasts, which forces incorporated the most daring ideas and projects. One of such a person was Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipski More …

“Piano in the bushes”

We are talking about newly opened, but already attracted by tourists of the sculpture- monument to a great Polish composer Frederic Chopin (in honor of the 200th anniversary if his birth) representing a white piano finished in tiles.

More …

Park of the soviet period

Today all over the country and in Kiev of course you may see many monuments that were settled during the heyday of the Soviet Union. More …

Metro museum

This Metro museum has exist since 2000. It is located at the second floor of the Metro administration building and has three exposition halls. Here you may see colorful pictures of all the metro stations in their chronological order according to years of their opening. The funds of the museum that regularly fulfilled have more than 2,5 thousands exhibits.

More …

Kiev Astronomical Observatory

The history of occurrence of The Central Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine has not been simple. It owes its appearance to eminent scientist astronomer and geophysicist Alexander Yakovlevich Orlov.

More …

Classic granny settled down in the Shevchenko’s park

The author of this composition is a member of the National Union of Arts – Ann Kiselyova. In sculpture embodied the image of an old woman of the 80th of the XX century, sitting beside house and gossiping about neighbors. In her hands she holds a bag and a packet of sunflower seeds.

More …

The monument “Insurance agent’s boots”

In the beginning of 2011 in Kiev, Belarusskaya st. beside the entrance to insurance company “Brockbusiness” was set a monument that full name is “ Shoes of Insurance agent who trod them in the search of customers”.

More …

Rating of the most ridiculous monuments of the Capital

In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most ridiculous monuments of our capital: both in their architectural embodiment and on their territorial arrangement, as for instance monument to single mother in front of Registry office, but first things first.

More …

Ukrainian Ethnics outdoor: Mamayeva Sloboda

The time inevitably runs forward. And as sooner we aspire to the future, as more we want to deal with the past and to understand ourselves as an ethnic group and as the representatives of a unique nation, which have tried a lot to gain and conquer. More …