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How to make for beer not to be spoiled

For not to spoil the beer taste, you don’t need to know a lot. Firstly – it has not to be pure from one vessel to another. Secondly – stirring and mixing causes the beer turbid because of oxygen that oxidizes the beer quickly. Thirdly – to add half-full beer into fresh. More …

How does beer prevents the prostate cancer

Due to the latest scientific researches men have one more significant excuse to visit the pubs. The scientists have found out that hops includes a substance called xanthohumol that prevents prostate cancer.

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How to properly clean dried fish

The first method: To depart the internal part and the head, than to turn off the scales with the skin (if successful, all unnecessary be removed). After that fish needs to be divided in two halves started with a fish tail – separate the ribs and back.

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Beer “Zaporozhskoe”


1.100 gr. of hops;

2.100 gr. of flour;

3.three cups of sugar;

4.two cups of dark molasses;

5.50 gr. of yeast;

6.9-10 liters of water.

It is necessary to grind the flour with the sugar and to add 100 gr. of hops, then to fill with boiling water and to infuse it for 2-3 hours. The resulting solution to strain and while it is warm to fill a barrel with, to add 50 gr. of yeast and 2 cups of molasses prediluted in warm infusion. When the beer got fermented it may be bottled and kept in the cool and dry place.

Renewed beer “Utopias”

Not a long time has passed since a company Brew Dog has produced a strong beer, as recently an American brewery stated about the readiness of new at least of extreme beer. By the way it was the company that recently held the palm tree of superiority.

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How to estimate the foam quality

Beer’s foam does not have specific criteria. The foam quantity depends on many factors such as : particular capacitance which is filled, of the intense of loading, the degree of churning and also from the temperature. So the foam sises might be much different.

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How beer is brewed

The processing of beer brewing for a long time was not considered very complicated. Was made a malt bread of wheat or barley that was fermented in a barrel. In the and of fermentation it was decanted, then was added honey and dispensed into clay jugs. More …

How to feel the real taste of beer

The tongue of man contains a great number of taste receptors. The most interesting thing is that taste recognition occurs more than in one place, and in the entire surface of the tongue, due to the so-called taste buds.

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The Czech beer


1.800 gr. of hops;

2.400 gr. of sugar;

3.4 tbl. spoons of soda;

4.300 gr. of rye malt;

5.2 kg. of sweet shallow crushed crackers

6.100 gr of yeast

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The red yard of Prince Vsevolod

Many Kiev’s residents and guests of the city for having rest from life routine have chosen Botanical Garden of M.M. Grishko. It is very nice here especially during a period when everything is blossom: magnolias, roses and lilacs. More …