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Cafe and restaurants in the Soviet-style – an echo of the past with a modern twist

As sociological investigation shows, after the USSR collapse nearly one third of the population are nostalgic after the old days which seems bright and carefree now.
Now its became a popular thing to recreate an atmosphere of the former Soviet Union in the restaurant business field : not only as interior but dishes with appropriate names such as: “Builder of Communism”, “Equites- Budennitsa”, “Peace” etc. More …

Kiev restaurants with an aerial view, and not only…

Very soon a spring-summer season starts which with it’s warmth gives us a lot of opportunities to spend a free time in open air, so we propose you a view of Kiev restaurants on a roof or terrace, where you would be able to relax and enjoy not only delicious dishes with your best friends or business partners, but also to admire the views from the heights.

More …

The Castle of Richard the Lionheart (Kiev)

Richard castleThe majority believes that Kiev, like Rome, is situated on seven hills, but in reality there are much more hills in Kiev. Ukrainian capital freely lies on the great number of mountains, hills and hillocks of the Right Bank, one of them is decorated with exotic structure – The Richard’s Castle. More …

The Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov is now only one in the world

The memorial and museum of literatureMikhail Bulgakov is the greatest writer, whose works are read by several generations, his books have been translated into various languages of the peoples, he has tens of thousands of admirers around the world, but a museum dedicated to this writer and his work is only one – and it is in Kiev. More …

One-way traffic in the Podolsk district of Kiev

Cars on the streetsKiev residents have long been accustomed and resigned that morning and evening rush hour in Kiev is a solid traffic jam. If 10 years ago, the work could be reached within half an hour, now it takes more than an hour.

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About Podol – Kyiv District

Podol is one of the oldest parts of Kyiv. The first mention of Podol (or as it was called “Podolia”) can be found in the ancient chronicles, for example, in the legendary Nestor-chronicle “The Tale of Bygone Years”.

More …

Navodnitskiy Park, the Boat to founders of Kyiv, the Tree of Hapiness and the “Newly wedded alley” – the perfect option for those who likes to contemplate the celebrations

In the capital of Ukraine there is one single place where the newlyweds according to tradition necessarily come to during wedding celebrations. It is Navodnitsky park. Why is it so popular? The answer is very simple. This park combines the beauty of greenery, a symbol of Kyiv, as well as an unforgettable panoramic view of the Dnipro river and the island in the middle of it. It is the monument of boat with the founders of Kyiv and Kyivan Rus that attracts the newlyweds. More …