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Emergency services in Kiev

76878967Emergency services and emergency telephones in Kiev: More …

Public toilets in Kiev

file1610007_357341c5All the toilets stationary toilets are belong to a specialized utility “Kiev Water Fond”. Today on it’s balance there are 90 public toilets, 37 of them do work and give the services to a population. And 7 of them work in the spring-summer period. More …

Price comparison of taxi in Kiev

1376854722_taxi-kievIn this article we will examine the most profitable services according to their prices.
There was growth in tariffs of 2- 3 percent this year that is not significant in comparison with last year. More …

Clinics and hospitals of Kiew

17239 A complete list of the names, addresses, telephones of the clinics and hospitals in Kiev. More …

Pizzerias in Kiev

3535656Pizzerias in Kiev are very popular, as all over the world. Everyone knows that pizza was invented in Italy, but this yummy dish might be considered as international dish as well. Pizza – it is universal dish, that can be consumed any time of the day, it delights you whether it hot or cold, so it makes it a handy snack while you on the road. More …

Kiev’s branded sweets are worth to try

Every city or a country has its own branded special dainty that might be tried only there. In Czech Republic – it is Liege waffles, in Hungary – marzipan, in Italy- there are many kinds of the most delicious ice-cream, and this list may be continued for a long time.

More …

Beer “Zaporozhskoe”


1.100 gr. of hops;

2.100 gr. of flour;

3.three cups of sugar;

4.two cups of dark molasses;

5.50 gr. of yeast;

6.9-10 liters of water.

It is necessary to grind the flour with the sugar and to add 100 gr. of hops, then to fill with boiling water and to infuse it for 2-3 hours. The resulting solution to strain and while it is warm to fill a barrel with, to add 50 gr. of yeast and 2 cups of molasses prediluted in warm infusion. When the beer got fermented it may be bottled and kept in the cool and dry place.

Renewed beer “Utopias”

Not a long time has passed since a company Brew Dog has produced a strong beer, as recently an American brewery stated about the readiness of new at least of extreme beer. By the way it was the company that recently held the palm tree of superiority.

More …

An Yeast

Yest since ancient times played an important role in the microorganisms life. Due to them we have such products as bread, spirit, vine and beer.

More …

The hops

Hop is one of the main beer ingredients. Since ancient times in many countries hops was considered a poisonous plant, and very often was prohibit to use for brewing, for example, in England till 15th century.

More …